Remind AAA of Oregon to #DoBetterOnClimate

Over the past few months, you've helped us flood AAA of Oregon with emails calling out their hypocrisy of blocking climate progress in the Oregon Legislature while boasting about their electric vehicle buyer's guide and roadside services. THANK YOU!!

We're happy to report that your advocacy is working. Hundreds of you emailed Tim Morgan, the President and CEO of Oregon AAA, demanding that his organization stop standing in the way of climate action. We were delighted that our friends at Onward Oregon also shone a spotlight on AAA's shady actions in Salem. 

We need one more big push to make clear to AAA of Oregon and other corporate interests that blocking climate action is bad for business. Remind AAA that they aren't representing your best interests when they stand in the way of climate legislation.

What you can do

Tell AAA that it’s time to do the right thing and stop blocking climate action progress in Oregon. Over the next few weeks, we'll be asking AAA of Oregon some tough questions, and encouraging you to do the same. 

Email the CEO

Tell Tim Morgan to support meaningful climate progress or get out of the way.

For current AAA of Oregon members · For non-members


Oregon has the opportunity to be a leader by enacting forward-thinking solutions like the Clean Energy Jobs bill, but companies like AAA of Oregon are standing in the way of progress. We expect them to change course to better represent their AAA members -- not the fossil fuel lobby.

Two-thirds of Oregonians support strong, comprehensive climate action. Let's make sure companies like AAA stop standing in the way of Oregon leading the way on climate. 

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