Climate Leaders Live - Michael Regan
Climate Leaders Live! A Conversation With Michael Regan
April 26, 2021

A conversation with EPA Administrator Michael Regan

Monday, May 3 @ 10:00—11:00am PT

Climate Leaders Live is back in May and we are incredibly excited to be joined by the EPA's Michael Regan for a look at the US's recent carbon emissions commitment as part of the global climate summit, environmental justice, clean economy jobs, and more!

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Climate Leaders Live! is our online series where we, and collaborators, present conversations, policy deep dives, and explorations of how we can build a better future together. We’ll hear from organizations, businesses, elected officials, and community leaders in public health, environmental justice and more—leaders who are thinking big and working on different approaches to accelerate our transition to an equitable, just, and 100% clean economy.

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Author Bio

Stephanie Noren

Washington Communications Manager, Climate Solutions

Stephanie believes the most effective communication is grounded in two main principles:

  1. Listening and asking questions,
  2. Intentional selection of typeface and use of negative space.

She has a deep history of working in communications, environmental marketing, and behavior change on a variety of topics including climate, waste and recycling, energy efficiency, toxics management, stormwater pollution, and organizational culture. At Climate Solutions, Stephanie works with the Communications team and coalition partners to build interest, awareness, and momentum for issues and action on climate change in Washington State. She’s interested in trying on creative approaches in the ideological battle for a fossil fuel free future that includes seeing, hearing, and working with those who believe differently. 

Prior to Climate Solutions, Stephanie worked for Cascadia Consulting Group, the City of Spokane, a national waste industry professional association, and a Boston-based waste technology startup. She has a degree in Sociology from Gonzaga University and spends her spare time reading, noticing good light, drinking coffee, and chasing park bunnies in Seattle.