Decolonizing Our Activism
University Friends, Seattle

Historically, environmentalism has focused on the experiences and goals of higher-income, white males. Today environmentalists that are looking to “diversify” the movement must put aside their own agenda, and seek to listen, learn from, and join the global movement of indigenous and communities of color. 

The objectives for these workshops include:
*Educate non-Native allies how to work with Native Americans and communities of color
*Authentic alliance building that reflects indigenous-led organizing and strategies
*Prepare participants for volunteer opportunities at Native community events
*How to support Native activism rather than perpetuating colonial systems of oppression
*Honor indigenous traditions without appropriating their cultures

Presenters: Sweetwater Nannauck, Tara Villalba, and Jeff Smith

Idle No More ~ History of Colonization and Healing Historical Trauma 
This is a workshop of 500 years of indigenous resistance that began in 1452. With a Native American perspective and incorporating traditional teachings and stories, and how the Doctrine of Discovery was the foundation for the historic colonization, genocide, relocation, termination, forced assimilation of Native Americans.

To heal from historical trauma you must first understand how colonization has impacted indigenous people. By acknowledging our collective past and focusing on the present healing often leads participants to become aware of historical barriers that can be effectively removed in a safe and comfortable environment. 

Idle No More ~ Spiritual Activism 
This workshop delves into the Natives connection with the land, environment, and Spirit. Explore how to incorporate ‘Spirit’ into the activism you do. Discuss how to start organizing nonviolent direct actions that are Spirit-led instead of ego/mind-led. 

Tara Villalba ~ Reclaiming our cultures and heritages – Part I 
This workshop acknowledges the reality that everyone’s heritage is good. We will explore our own heritages, what we have lost, what we were able to keep, what we can recover, and what it might take to create a world where many worlds fit, rebuilding the fabric of our communities by strengthening our own understandings of the goodness of our cultures and heritages.

Tara Villalba ~ Respecting and Protecting Indigenous Sovereignty – Part II
In the second part of this workshop, we will work on how our own displacement has become part of our cultural heritage and how these have informed our abilities to settle on Native lands, particularly here in the United States. And we will share with each other how we can honor our own displacement stories so we can truly shore up the dignity of indigenous communities in struggles to protect and practice their sovereignty on lands and waters we currently live in, as settlers. 

Idle No More ~ The 7th Fire 
Explore how working with Natives toward common goals of social and environmental justice involves letting go of unconscious racism and privilege. Learn what it means to be a good ally, and how that taking the lead from indigenous activists and community leaders will benefit us all.

Driving Directions:
From the North –
I-5 South
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Keep left to take the ramp toward NE 45th St/Univ of Wash.
Merge onto 5th Ave NE.
Turn right onto NE 42nd St.
Take the 1st left onto 5th Ave NE.
Turn left onto NE 40th St.
Turn left onto 9th Ave NE.
4001 9TH AVE NE is on the left.

From the South –
I-5 North
Take EXIT 169 toward NE 45th St/NE 50th St.
Keep right to take the ramp towardN.E 45th St/Univ of Wash.
Keep right at the fork in the ramp.
Merge onto 7th Ave NE.
Take the 1st right onto NE 45th St.
Turn right onto Roosevelt Way NE.
Take the 3rd right onto NE 40th Aly. (it’s immediately after construction building)
Turn left onto 9th Ave NE.
4001 9TH AVE NE is on the right.

Parking lot on the north and south of building is pretty limited. 
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Sponsored by: Idle No More Washington 
Partner: Amercan Friends Service Committee Seattle Indian Program