Engineered Compost Systems

Engineered Compost Systems

Compost may sound humble – harnessing worms, fungi and micro-organisms to decompose organic matter and recycle it into a soil amendment that builds soils. But it is one of the keys to addressing climate change. To scale up composting to make a global difference will require top-notch manufacturing and engineering capability.

Engineered Compost Systems (ECS) is a Northwest leader that has brought such capability to dozens of major projects around North America. ECS is an engineering and manufacturing firm that provides compost facility and process design, technology, and technical support to its clients. Its’ staff of 10 includes: compost experts; mechanical, electrical, and software engineers; project engineers; project/construction managers; and supporting technical staff. They design, build and test all of the electrical components at their UL Listed manufacturing facility in Seattle, and contract with local vendors for other fabrication needs.

Currently, ECS’s primary focus is on food waste composting at the community-scale, that is 30,000 tons per year or more. ECS services include facility design, construction oversight, facility start up, and operator training. After start-up, ECS staff provide technical assistance via real-time web access to its control systems, long term on-site operational support, and annual facility inspection and instrument recalibration services.

ECS has helped communities and organizations decrease their carbon footprint on the planet, introduced new technologies that make composting easier, less expensive and more durable, and had some fun in the process. As Business Development Director Steve Diddy says, “Composting is our life’s work. It is challenging, rewarding, and it’s not over yet. Come help us write the next chapter.”

ECS in action