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Hyla Woods is a family-owned business operating three Forest Stewardship Council-certified forests in the northern Oregon Coast Range.

Our involvement spans all aspects of forest work from tree planting, forest restoration, control of invasive plants, and forest health monitoring, to harvesting, processing, and selling finished products.

Using positive impact forestry methods, we aim to grow ecologically complex, economically viable, responsibly operated forests. Our wood is sold in both log form and as finished products, milled in the forest and dried in our solar dry kiln.

In working to develop approaches that work as well in the long run as they do in the short run, we continue to be active learners. The capacity of our forests to store biocarbon is an aspect we pay attention to and aim to quantify and improve over time.

At Hyla Woods, our goals are:

  • To increase the forest’s: ecological complexity, soil productivity, productive value, investment value, and public value,
  • To increase our business’s: diversity of market connections, level of operational energy efficiency, and level of community-connectedness, and,
  • To increase our own: level of knowledge, skill, and enthusiasm, and our connections to people and businesses with similar commitments and interests.

We believe:

  • That it is important to move beyond “either-or” choices by finding ways to grow forests which are both ecologically complex and economically viable,
  • Our state and region is best served by a wide range of approaches to forestry,
  • People in our community want the opportunity to buy double quality wood – qualities that can be perceived in the product, plus the qualities of the place it came from being enhanced or maintained by your choice to buy it.
  • For Hyla Woods to thrive we must creatively expand our markets beyond the customary Douglas Fir commodity market to develop quality markets for all that the forests provide.
Hyla Woods

Hyla Woods


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