Joshua Basofin
Oregon Clean Energy Program Director


Joshua works to advance clean energy policies in Oregon, including implementation of HB 2021, the state’s groundbreaking clean energy law. Joshua also works in coalitions to identify clean energy pathways for industry, seek consensus on siting and permitting of renewable energy facilities, and extend the benefits of our clean energy transition to rural parts of Oregon.

Joshua has held many roles in the environmental field. He began his career working in conservation with a focus on freshwater fisheries, marine protected areas, deserts, and wetlands. He spent several years as a sustainability advisor for businesses. Joshua also served as the first Director of Climate Action for Parliament of the World’s Religions, the oldest interfaith organization in the US. Joshua is particularly interested in the intersections within the environmental movement where coalitions of advocates, businesses, faiths, and communities can be created.

Joshua holds a BA in English and Environmental Studies and a JD with a concentration in environmental law. In his free time, Joshua enjoys backpacking, kayaking, cooking, gardening, and volunteering with organizations focused on sustainable food and access to nature.


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