SCOTUS' stay of Clean Power Plan won't stop progress on clean energy
February 9, 2016
Statement from Ross Macfarlane, Climate Solutions, on the Supreme Court decision to stay the EPA’s Clean Power Plan:
“Today’s decision from the US Supreme Court to stay the federal Clean Power Plan is only a temporary speed-bump in the path away from fossil fuels toward a cleaner energy future. Smart businesses and governmental leaders are already investing in strategies to reduce burning coal and other fossil fuels and forge the pathways toward a 21st century economy.  The public overwhelmingly supports the Clean Power Plan, especially in the Northwest States of Washington and Oregon where citizens are demanding climate action and access to cleaner energy. Around the country, hundreds of  business and investment leaders support the Clean Power Plan because they want clear policies that drive cleaner energy.    We are confident that the Supreme Court will ultimately uphold the rule, as it earlier confirmed EPA’s authority to address climate pollution.  The trends favoring a move from coal to cleaner energy are clear and unstoppable.”

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Jonathan Lawson

Digital Communications Manager, Climate Solutions

As Digital Communications Manager, Jonathan uses online tools to extend the reach of Climate Solutions programs, and to expand the community of people and organizations working together for clean energy and sustainable climate policies. He serves as managing editor of, and oversees our email list communications and social media.

Before joining Climate Solutions in 2014, Jonathan served as Executive Director of the communications rights organization Reclaim the Media, where he played a catalytic role in fueling the growth of a national movement focused on media justice and democratizing media and communications policy. He also spent more than eight years providing communications strategy, digital communications and design to statewide labor organizations including SEIU and WFSE/AFSCME, writing op-eds by day and designing giant puppets by night.

A past board member of the Washington News Council and of Seattle Improvised Music, he is also a veteran of the Independent Media Center movement, and has worked in community radio since 1986; for 19 years he produced the weekly creative music program Flotation Device on KBCS. His articles on media and communications issues have appeared in numerous northwest and national publications. Jonathan holds a masters degree in Theological Studies from Harvard University.

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