WA leads on climate
Can you believe it? Believe it: climate progress
Washington State just made history with a suite of legislative actions to address global warming pollution, the long-term need to protect communities most impacted by pollution, and our transition to a clean energy economy. 
Climate change

The good, the bad, and the opportunity for climate action in Washington

Climate policy is not a single undertaking. We need many solutions working together, building on the success of clean electricity to end our reliance on fossil fuels in our buildings and our transportation. 

How I Was Swept Up in a Climate Revolution

I begged my mom to let me skip school and spend my measly savings on a trip to New York, to the epicenter of the largest climate mobilization in U.S. history.

Trump's attack on Clean Cars must not, and will not, stand

US states and previous federal administrations (from both parties) have worked hard to protect our air quality and our climate. Now let's stand together  and defend against Trump's recklessness.

What kids did this summer: prepared for climate strike

A global climate movement is gaining momentum, and youth are leading the way.

Climate Strike: we were all kids once—let’s show up for them

We CAN act together to slow climate change and mitigate the harms we and others will face...we MUST take the reins of responsibility and do everything we can to leave behind our reliance on fossil fuels...and, by taking action together, we WILL accelerate our transition to an equitable clean energy future.

The next generation of climate activists is rising in Oregon

Next-generation science curriculum standards are just one reason why Oregon young people are ready for—in fact are demanding—climate leadership. They're stepping up, and won't be stepping back. 

What Oregon's leaders got done (and didn't) for the climate

Oregon’s 2019 legislative session will likely go down in history for what did not happen for the climate - and rightly so. 

Oregon Capitol in spring

A Big step forward in Oregon

Oregon lawmakers took an important step forward on Clean Energy Jobs. The landmark climate legislation is just a few steps away from becoming law. Send a message to your legislators today: Oregon is ready for clean energy jobs!

Climate leadership, state to state

With a clean energy win accomplished in Washington, attention now turns to Oregon. Also: other states and cities show what climate leadership does and does not look like.

We served climate hope for breakfast

Fresh from some serious clean energy wins in Washington, we're ready to confront the next big climate challenge: transportation.

Rally at Oregon Capitol

Delay is denial: Oregon's climate emergency needs us all

Our #1 priority remains comprehensive statewide climate action. The bill to make this happen, Senate Bill 1530, was just passed by the joint budget committees and is currently ready for a vote on the Senate floor. However, immediately after the budget vote this morning, eleven Senate Republicans fled the Capitol yet again to deny quorum for the Senate to conduct any business.

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You're going to want to be a part of this Wave!

Bringing together the Portland Timbers and the Seattle Sounders—along with more than 100 other teams, iconic NW gathering places, and more—The Wave represents a new chapter in our region's progress towards clean energy sustainability and a healthy climate. Join us!

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2020: Climate goes on the offense

We won major climate and clean energy victories in 2019, but we are entering 2020 with a list of unfinished business in both Washington and Oregon. Here's how we're going on the offense this year for climate progress.

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