WA leads on climate
Can you believe it? Believe it: climate progress
Washington State just made history with a suite of legislative actions to address global warming pollution, the long-term need to protect communities most impacted by pollution, and our transition to a clean energy economy. 
Climate change
city skyline with text overlay "clean and safe buildings"

The case for clean, safe, and all-electric buildings

Washington and Oregon need to join the movement towards clean, safe, all-electric buildings—and we need to do it soon. Look out for more information on the case for all-electric buildings and the policy solutions that can get us there in the Northwest.

Climate Voter

Take the Climate Voter Pledge!

One of the strongest ways to address the climate crisis head-on is with your vote.

wildfire damage, Oregon

Ready for a gasoline-free future? CA is

California is ready to quit gas-fueled cars... a presidential legacy of intentional climate inaction... and the latest news on climate and clean energy

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It doesn't have to feel like Life on Mars

Our climate movement is more unified than ever, but we're reaching a critical point where we must change a lot of things all at once. Let's do this together.

Sunrise at Pilot Rock, Oregon

Oregon’s Climate Action Plan crosses first milestone

Last month, twelve state agencies delivered their plans to carry out the Governor’s Executive Order on climate. Here's what we know so far.

woman holding black lives matter sign in a crowd

Climate justice and the movement to end police brutality

Black, indigenous and people of color leading within the environmental community are making the case that the climate movement must focus on the need to address police violence because an effective climate justice movement depends on BIPOC leadership.

Climate Leaders Live: Building our Clean Energy Future

Our first Climate Leaders Live event featured Lucas Joppa (Chief Environmental Officer, Microsoft) and Rep. Laurie Jinkins (Speaker, Washington State House of Representatives) discussing climate progress and clean energy.

Oregon Capitol in springtime

Oregon fills leadership gap on parallel COVID, climate crises

Global warming has not paused to respect social distancing during these ‘corona times.’ However, in early March, Oregon Governor Kate Brown delivered one of the country's strongest Executive Orders on climate in early March, now called the “Oregon Climate Action Plan.”

Bigger than all of us

We will face this crisis by turning toward each other.

You're going to want to be a part of this Wave!

Bringing together the Portland Timbers and the Seattle Sounders—along with more than 100 other teams, iconic NW gathering places, and more—The Wave represents a new chapter in our region's progress towards clean energy sustainability and a healthy climate. Join us!

100 percent clean bus at Washington State Capitol

2021: Action time for climate in the Washington Legislature

Naysayers will claim that this is not the time for climate action in Washington, not with COVID, racial injustice, and economic recovery on the agenda. But we don’t need to choose between our major priorities: we can achieve climate progress, recover from COVID impacts, and fight systemic racism all at the same time.
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