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Trout Mountain Forestry specializes in long-term, conservation-based forest management. Our focus is helping our landowner clients and partners to implement their conservation ethic in the management of their forest resources.We work with owners to create site-specific solutions for their unique forests and particular situations and employ a wide range of ecologically based silvicultural solutions to meet a range of objectives.

Our management approach supports long-term stewardship of the forest and delivers multiple benefits such as enhanced structural diversity, forest health and resiliency, improved habitat quality, increased carbon retention, and reliable revenue for the landowner. Our silvicultural methods include various thinning regimes, selection harvest, mixed species management and retention, and protection of unique structural features. Natural forest dynamics and processes are considered in every silivicultural prescription.

Trout Mountain’s clients include family forest owners, municipalities, non-profit organizations, and youth camps located throughout western Oregon and Washington. Every year, we manage dozens of timber harvests, each designed to meet rigorous Forest Stewardship Council standards. Millions of board feet of high quality timber is generated from Trout Mountain operations each year. We work to ensure clear communication and strong relationships with our clients who entrust us with the management of their forests. We greatly value these relationships with our diverse group of clients, all of whom share a common stewardship vision. 

The partners of Trout Mountain Forestry bring together decades of experience and leadership in sustainable forest management and planning. We are hands-on forest managers and take great pride in our relationships with and service to family forest owners and other clients. Our expertise in forging creative and lasting solutions to complex resource management problems on private, municipal, and other public forests has become our hallmark.

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