• Waste becomes energy: Junction City closes the carbon loop

    by Jenna Garmon on

    Food waste in landfills creates methane as it decomposes – a  potent greenhouse gas. An innovative program in Junction City, OR transforms this waste into clean, renewable energy.

  • Climate Disruption in the Streets of New York

    by KC Golden on

    Climate disruption is making history all around us, but it’s not the history we would choose to write. On September 21, we will take back the pen. We’ll make our mark for climate progress.

  • Community control good for carbon storage

    by Seth Zuckerman on

    California flooded with proposals for grid storage; narrow escape from oil-spill disaster in Seattle; climate change impacts our mental health; and much more.

  • Take it to the limit

    by Bobby Hayden on

    Yesterday, Kristin Eberhard of betterquest.org and Sightline published “There’s Plenty of Room at Hotel California” – a fantastic how-to for Oregon and Washington decision-makers looking to link with other states on pricing and limiting climate pollution.  It’s a great read, and rather than challenge the cloying Eagles reference in the title, I decided to extend the trend.

  • Our corner of the country is on fire

    by Savitha Reddy Pathi on

    Nearly unprecedented wildfires are raging across parts of Washington and Oregon, and have devastated the community of Pateros, WA. Here's how you can help.

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