Our Values

Climate Solutions' work is illuminated by our shared values: 



To achieve climate stability and resilience, we must address injustice and inequity in our own communities and beyond. All people, all communities, and all nations deserve the opportunity to share equitably in health, economic security, dignity, self-determination, and the pursuit of happiness.  



We commit to supporting one another, treating ourselves and each other with respect and empathy, and welcoming opportunities for listening, reflection, and self-critique.  



We are committed to achieving our goals, not only for ourselves but for future generations. The struggle may be a long one, and our strength will emerge from our courage, our resolve, our patience, our solidarity, our humor, and our resourcefulness.  


Our work emerges from a clear-minded adherence to truth—the scientific truth that provokes our sense of urgency about the climate crisis, and the moral truth that defines our responsibility to one another, to all life, and to future generations to be honest, kind, and just. 



We support one another in our resolve that we can, we must, and we will overcome the challenges of climate change. It is both possible and necessary to shift from cynicism to creative determination in our hearts and in our work.  



Our work is strengthened through partnerships based on mutual trust and accountability. We support shared goal-setting, collective strategies, and cooperative efforts.

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