• Clean energy offers resilience in the face of extreme heat

    by Claire Prihoda on

    Extreme heat events like this are a dramatic example of the dangers of burning fossil fuels. We need clean energy solutions that protect our climate AND our communities.

  • We're all in: Governor Inslee's next big climate fight

    by Gregg Small on

    Governor Jay Inslee recently appeared on David Roberts' Volts podcast, with a lot to day about the Climate Commitment Act, his optimism about clean energy innovation, the need to organize for progress, and how love—for his state, for his family, for his grandchildren—is his primary motivation to act on climate.

  • Massive data centers needn't be massive polluters

    by Jonathan Lawson on

    Amazon backs away from plan to keep Oregon data centers running on fossil fuels. Plus: widespread benefits for low-income households converting to clean energy homes; and two climate hawks become new heads of state

  • Greener ways to get around Oregon

    by Brett Morgan on

    We all want ways to get around in our communities that are affordable, easy and efficient, clean and safe. And, we need a plan for Oregon’s transportation system that cuts pollution from our biggest source, and makes sure everyone can get where they need to safely!

  • Solar accessibility to soar for Oregon’s lower-income households

    by Jonathan Lee on

    The state of Oregon was recently awarded $86 million for rooftop solar projects for lower-income residents. The extra cool news: combined with existing federal and state solar incentive programs, this may bring the upfront costs of rooftop solar to nearly zero for many eligible households.

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