• Pledge to vote on NO on I-2117

    by Kimberly Larson on

    Initiative 2117 is on the statewide Washington ballot this November. If voters pass it, it would repeal our state's landmark law to cut climate pollution and fund clean energy—and would block future action.

  • Coming soon: Carbon-free roadside assistance?

    by Jonathan Lee on

    As the largest provider of roadside assistance services in the Evergreen State, AAA Washington responds to calls for all kinds of jams — and soon they’ll be responding to help with more fossil-free vehicles.

  • Joyspotting clean energy solutions

    by Joëlle Robinson on

    Join us in joyspotting clean energy! How many fossil-free solutions can you spot in your neighborhood?

  • Defend and reinstate Oregon's Climate Protection Program

    by Meredith Connolly on

    Late last year, powerful fossil fuel companies and their industry groups convinced an Oregon state court to invalidate the state's new Climate Protection Program, based only on a procedural technicality. Now we've got to make sure it's fully reinstated.

  • We won't be pushed backward: No on I-2117

    by Gregg Small on

    If passed by Washington voters this fall, Initiative 2117 would repeal the Climate Commitment Act, and erase funding for myriad clean energy projects, environmental justice initiatives, and good jobs. Further, the state would be blocked from any action on capping pollution and making polluters pay for their carbon pollution moving forward.

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