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The Need: Emerging science indicates that atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, which spiked in April 2013 at 400 parts per million (ppm), must be reduced to 350 ppm or lower to preserve the conditions under which human civilization has developed. While we cannot let up on our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels, we must also address the current carbon pollution load in Earth’s atmosphere that is destabilizing our climate.

Biological carbon (biocarbon) solutions harness living systems, such as trees, plants, and soils, to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Innovative methods of managing forests, agriculture, urban development, wetlands, and organic materials can build biocarbon storage while also delivering additional environmental, social, and economic benefits. Learn more about biocarbon.

Rule of Thirds by Zach Dischner

Rule of Thirds by Zach Dischner

The opportunity:  The Pacific Northwest is a biocarbon powerhouse, rich in extensive forests and abundant agricultural lands. The region also boasts a wealth of nationally-significant biocarbon innovators in the research, policy, business, agency, and nonprofit sectors. The Northwest Biocarbon Initiative is connecting this growing community of innovators to advance natural carbon capture and storage across a spectrum of solutions.

What Does the Northwest Biocarbon Initiative Do?

  • Demonstrates the essential role that natural systems can play in reducing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and increases public understanding of biocarbon
  • Champions the stories of Northwest people and communities whose projects are delivering biocarbon results in ways that save money and do well by the environment
  • Galvanizes the region’s emerging biocarbon community to develop innovative and effective strategies to increase natural carbon capture and storage and build a vibrant restoration economy
  • Positions the Northwest as the nation’s leading laboratory and incubator for biocarbon solutions, and draws resources to the region to sustain our cutting-edge leadership

The Northwest Biocarbon Initiative is building a community of scientific, policy, business, and nonprofit innovators to advance biocarbon solutions.  Meet our Advisory Committee, discover how our Innovation Partners are advancing biocarbon solutions, and view our videos of some Northwest biocarbon leaders.

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