Climate Solutions Strategic Priorities, 2022-2026

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Pass, implement, and share the success of groundbreaking policies

Climate Solutions champions and implements equity-driven policies and investments that cut climate pollution at speed and scale and result in tangible benefits for people in the Pacific Northwest.

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Identify and foster innovations across the public and private spectrum in our region

Climate Solutions proactively identifies and anticipates new opportunities to achieve our mission, broaden support, and accelerate progress on the climate crisis.

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Strengthen collaborative partnerships, deepen storytelling, and align for greater power building

Climate Solutions collaborates and helps create shared power models with community and coalition partners on programs, policy efforts, communications, and engagement campaigns to build a broader, deeper, and more equitable movement for achieving effective climate solutions.

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Invest in thriving organization health

Climate Solutions invests in an organizational culture that attracts and engages diverse and highly skilled talent who are representative of all communities impacted by climate change, and cultivates ongoing learning, collaboration, and opportunities for meaningful professional growth and development.



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