Oregon Capitol in spring

photo by Oregon Department of Transportation

2018 Oregon Legislative Roundup

A broad and diverse coalition from across Oregon called on the legislature to pass climate legislation this year - to reduce Oregon’s climate pollution and accelerate the transition to clean energy. I am very disappointed to report that the legislature fell short of passing the Clean Energy Jobs bill this year. However, the message delivered by thousands of Oregonians was heard loud and clear.

Leadership in the Oregon House of Representatives and Senate, as well as Governor Brown, have all committed to passing the Clean Energy Jobs bill in 2019, and they put resources behind those words.  

The Speaker of the House and Senate President will co-chair a new Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction to further refine the Clean Energy Jobs bill and tee it up for passage in 2019. In addition, the Governor created a Carbon Policy Office to continue the groundwork needed to fully implement the cap-and-invest program by 2021 – the same timeline as if the bill had passed this year.

These steps matter, as every step of the way we face opposition from special interests that want to block or slow down needed climate action. 

This momentum and strong commitment from our legislators happened thanks to YOU!

Your dedication and persistence helped ensure that our state takes the steps needed to meet Oregon’s climate goals. I am incredibly inspired by the breadth of the coalition and depth of commitment to passing innovative, state-wide climate action. Thank you for all you’re doing to effect change.

We’re committed to capping Oregon’s climate pollution in 2019 and to making smart, equitable investments in clean energy solutions. Climate Solutions is focused on transitioning the Northwest to 100% clean energy, and putting a limit and price on climate pollution is a key part of achieving this vision.  

The climate crisis demands urgent action, and we expect our state to demonstrate leadership on climate action in the U.S. It is too important to continue kicking the can down the road.

We have incredible momentum, and I look forward to working with you to turn legislators’ commitments into a major win for our communities and the climate.

Meredith Connolly's picture

Oregon Director

, Climate Solutions

Meredith develops, advocates for and implements clean energy and climate change policies and programs to accelerate Oregon’s transition to a clean energy, low-carbon economy.

Prior to joining Climate Solutions, she was a Climate and Energy Attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council. In that capacity, she advanced policies for deploying renewable energy, creating clean energy jobs and increasing energy efficiency in the U.S. and internationally. She also implemented programs to protect public health and improve climate resilience to heat waves and air pollution in India’s growing cities. Before NRDC, Meredith practiced law in the private sector.

Meredith serves as a board member on the Portland Utility Board, and is a member of the Oregon and California State Bar Associations. She holds a JD from Boston College Law School and a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and French from Santa Clara University.

In her free time, Meredith enjoys exploring her incredible home state of Oregon with her husband and two kids, and rooting loudly as a member of the Portland Timbers Army.