Why doesn't Washington have a Clean Fuel Standard (yet)?

For too long, oil companies have reaped massive profits through a monopoly over our transportation options, leaving people with few alternatives to fossil fuels—fuels which are by far Washington’s largest source of climate and air pollution.

There is a better way forward! A Clean Fuels Standard will require oil refineries and distributors to ensure that Washington’s fuel supply gets cleaner over time, reducing carbon pollution from gasoline and diesel by 10% over 10 years. Producing local, low-carbon fuels will create jobs in Washington, give consumers more choice at the pump and ensure healthier air now and for future generations. And the standard will help keep more of the $14.3 billion Washingtonians spend on imported fuel each year here at home.

Washington is now the last West Coast jurisdiction without a clean fuels standard, and it’s time we catch up with California, Oregon and British Columbia. Clean fuels are a win-win for Washington’s health and economy.

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