Your vote is your voice for climate action
October 28, 2014

Where is your ballot right now? On your coffee table? In a pile? With one week left until the ballot deadline of Nov. 4, it’s time to open it, fill it out, and remember that your vote is your voice for climate action.

With this election, you will weigh in on a number of important issues and races.  We want to remind you that the choices we make on Election Day will help shape the landscape for upcoming decisions affecting Washington's clean energy future, our environment, our economy, and our climate.


For Seattle voters, we do have one specific recommendation.  Climate Solutions is urging a yes vote on Proposition 1 for Metro Funding.  In Seattle, a chronic lack of funding for public transit is pushing people out of buses and into cars.  This measure would strengthen Seattle's bus system, provide crucial transportation assistance for disabled, elderly and low-income people, and help reduce transportation-related carbon emissions in our city. If you vote in Seattle, please vote yes for Metro funding!

Wherever you're voting, remember to ask where your candidates stand on climate and clean energy concerns. Thanks for being a climate and clean energy voter!


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Author Bio

Alex was Field Manager with Climate Solutions, and previously was a youth vote lead for Obama’s campaign for change in 2008 and member of the central recruiting team for Power Shift 2011, the largest youth convergence on Climate Change. 

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