A last chance for clean fuels and public transit

As you might have read, yesterday an agreement on Washington's transportation budget was announced that would allow the “poison pill” to stand—pitting transit funding against a clean fuels standard.  This is a win for the oil industry and shows the extent of their grip on the legislature. This agreement does not reflect Washington values.  Public transit funding shouldn’t be held hostage against clean air. 

Tell our elected officials: we need bold leadership, not a backroom deal for the oil industry.

Let’s be clear: we need more transit funding AND cleaner fuels. Across the state, wildfires are raging, asthma rates are rising, and transit service is not keeping pace with demand. Washington needs a transportation package that cuts the pollution that hurts our health AND increases public transit options to get people to work and school. Lower income communities, who often live closer to highways and dirty air, are especially harmed by this false choice.

Let our leaders know that you don’t agree with backroom deals in Olympia that let Big Oil protect their profits and monopoly at the expense of public health, consumer choices, and local economies.

Let them know that you want to move forward away from Big Oil’s monopoly over our fuels and transportation options and that means clean fuels and transit.

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Alex was Field Manager with Climate Solutions, and previously was a youth vote lead for Obama’s campaign for change in 2008 and member of the central recruiting team for Power Shift 2011, the largest youth convergence on Climate Change. 

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