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For Fair and Honest Elections, vote YES on Measure 107

Did you know that Oregon currently has no effective campaign finance laws limiting donations from shadowy SuperPACs and front groups? In fact, Oregon is one of only five states with no limits on political campaign donations and spending. This situation gives big corporations and wealthy special interests far too much influence over our political process — deciding with their pocketbooks who runs for office, who wins, and what policies our elected officials support (or abandon their duties to block). To ensure that everyday Oregonians have a real voice again in the direction of our state, we must reduce the influence of money in politics, expose the wealthy special interests behind dark money ads, and protect our democracy.

Measure 107, which was referred to voters by a bipartisan vote of legislators, is a critical next step for creating a healthier and more transparent democracy in Oregon. It is needed to reduce the outsized role that corporate money plays in our political system. Oregon ranks #1 in the nation in corporate political donations to the average lawmaker. Major polluters use secret big-money donations to influence elections and politicians, and we are left with weaker clean air and climate regulations as a result. The Oregon legislature’s failure to pass major climate legislation over the past few sessions (despite significant public support for climate action) is a perfect example of why we need these structural changes. We need a healthy, functioning democratic system to serve and represent the Oregon people.

If approved by voters, Measure 107 will amend the state constitution to allow future requirements of disclosure of political contributions and spending, limitations on campaign contributions and spending, and requirements that campaign ads disclose who paid for them. These proposed changes will also enable us to elevate the voices of our Black, Tribal, Indigenous, People of Color, and LGBTQIA+ neighbors, as well as help steer Oregon's democracy into a more inclusive, honest, and fair system.

For all these reasons, Climate Solutions is proud to endorse Yes on Measure 107.

Author Bio

Meredith Connolly

Oregon Director, Climate Solutions

Meredith brings over a decade of climate policy experience to her work accelerating Oregon’s transition to a clean energy economy. She advocates for innovative and equitable policy solutions to reduce pollution and create clean energy jobs across the state. Currently, Meredith leads a team diligently working to electrify everything from cars, trucks, and buses to homes and buildings, and power it all with 100% clean electricity.

Prior to joining Climate Solutions, Meredith was a Climate and Energy Attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council. At NRDC, she advanced renewable energy policies in the U.S. and internationally. She also implemented programs to protect public health and improve climate resilience to heat waves and air pollution in India’s growing cities. Before NRDC, Meredith practiced law in the private sector.

Meredith is a member of the Oregon and California State Bar Associations. She holds a JD from Boston College Law School and a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and French from Santa Clara University. In her free time, Meredith enjoys exploring her incredible home state of Oregon with her family and rooting too loudly for the Portland Thorns and Timbers.

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