Stand with Governor Kitzhaber on coal export

Recently, Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber stated that "It's time to say NO once and for all to coal exports."  

We couldn't agree more.  It is critical for us to show the Governor that we firmly support a decision against Ambre Energy’s dirty and dangerous coal export proposal on the Columbia River.  Take a minute to share this image on Facebook and post it to the Governor’s page.

The Governor has made his position clear in several communications, and he has even set a timeline for the decision: by the end of the month of May.  This is fantastic. 

Coal company Ambre Energy is fiercely pushing back. They are even going so far as to dispute Tribal fishing locations on the Columbia River, on top of their claims that their dirty coal proposal would not harm fisheries in the Columbia. So low.

So it is up to us to be louder. Oregon’s future should not be left in the hands of Big Coal.  Our vision for our future is coal-free, with clean air, clean water, a stable climate, and healthy communities.   This is the message we must send to Governor Kitzhaber today.   

To show the Governor that we stand with him, we shined this “no coal export” light image on the Capitol. To show you stand with the Governor against coal, please take a minute to post the image above to the Governor’s Facebook page and share the image with your friends. 

FB post language:

Coal exports is not a part of Oregon’s future, and we 100% agree with you, Gov Kitzhaber, that “It’s time to say NO to coal exports.” I fully support a permit denial this May for Ambre’s coal export proposal on the Columbia River.  Join me in sharing this and posting this to Governor Kitzhaber’s page! 

Post it to the Governor's Facebook page.
Twitter language:

We agree @GovKitzhaber: #nocoalexports here in Oregon. 

We stand with you @GovKitzhaber. Time to deny Ambre’s coal permit on the Columbia.


Author Bio

Joëlle Robinson

Field Director, Climate Solutions

Joëlle engages community members and diverse constituencies—faith, health, youth, parents, business—to make their voices heard for climate solutions. She led the team of organizers to ensure we stopped any coal export from the U.S. West Coast over the past decade. On offense, she co-led the Field team to help pass the 100% Clean Electricity (Clean Energy Transition Act in 2019) and in 2022 collaborated with the Field team to ensure that all new buildings (commercial and residential) will be built with heat pumps per the State Building Code Council. She continues to conspire for good with them on many other local and state initiatives.

Joëlle was the Regional Outreach Coordinator of National Wildlife Federation where she focused on mobilizing hunters, anglers and concerned citizens around solutions to global warming. Previous work with Climate Solutions includes the NW Climate Connections partnership, serving as the Field Assistant for the successful Clean Cars campaign, and Field Director of the Renewable Fuel Standard, which passed in April 2006.

She previously served on the boards of Earth Ministry, Solar Washington, and Sierra Club Executive Committee. She’s currently President of the board of her 3 year-old!

Joëlle is Northwest born and raised who loves to hike, dance, travel and explore the natural world.

Her favorite quote is “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” —  Mary Oliver

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