Join the clean energy surge! Time for clean fuels in Washington

Yesterday, more than 60 local leaders representing cities, towns and counties across Washington State issued a clarion call for clean fuels.

Representing communities from Spokane to Snoqualmie, these leaders sent an open letter to Governor Inslee in support of a Clean Fuels Standard for Washington, citing job creation, small business growth and providing people more choice at the pump among the many benefits of increasing production of clean, low-carbon fuels.

Take Action: Sign the petition in support of clean fuels.

For too long, oil companies have reaped massive profits through a monopoly over our transportation options, leaving people with few alternatives to petroleum-based fuels, Washington’s largest source of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

There is a better way forward.

A Clean Fuels Standard will require oil refineries and distributors to ensure that Washington’s fuel supply gets cleaner over time, with a reduction in carbon pollution from gasoline and diesel by 10% over 10 years. Producing local, low-carbon fuels will create jobs in Washington, give consumers more choice at the pump and healthier air now and for future generations. And the standard will help keep more of the $14.3 billion Washingtonians spend on fuel each year here at home.

Clean fuels are a win-win for Washington’s health and economy — but we need our voices to be louder than the oil lobbyists in Olympia.

Join the call for clean fuels: Sign the petition in support of clean fuels in Washington.

In June, Governor Inslee issued an Executive Order on Climate calling for the Office of Financial Management to conduct an economic analysis of a clean fuels standard for Washington. Since then, OFM has worked with independent experts, interagency staff and technical consultants to study the economic benefits of a Clean Fuels Standard in Washington. The analysis is expected to be completed this fall.
Our voices will add to a growing number of Washingtonians who support a Clean Fuels Standard. Let’s move this crucial issue forward.

Author Bio

Jessica Finn Coven

former Washington State Director, Climate Solutions

Jessica Finn Coven is Director of the City of Seattle's Office of Sustainability & Environment.

Jessica previously served as the Washington State Director of Climate Solutions where her work focused on developing legislative and policy strategies to reduce global warming pollution and grow an equitable clean-energy economy in Washington State. Jessica first joined Climate Solutions in 2007 as a policy specialist and worked to further clean energy policy in Washington through the state’s Energy Independence Act, Climate Action and Green Jobs law and others.

Jessica also worked as the program director for the U.S. Climate Action Network. From 2002- 2005, she was a global warming campaigner for Greenpeace in Washington DC. She also spent several months working in Beijing as a policy advisor for Greenpeace China.

Jessica received her MA in economics and energy policy from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and her BA in Mandarin from Barnard College, Columbia University.

Jessica currently sits on the board of Washington Conservation Voters. She lives in Seattle with her husband, young son and old dog.

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