Donate to communities for climate relief
September 30, 2022

More and more communities are experiencing climate-driven natural disasters. These are a few of the many communities that could use any support you’re able to provide as they recover from recent climate impacts:

Recent hurricanes

Florida: -  World Central Kitchen also is providing support in PR, Pakistan and Ukraine too - great organization for immediate food needs to the people who need it most. Tagline is “food is a universal human right” 

Puerto Rico hurricane relief: 

Recent forest fires

Bolt Creek Fire, Washington State: donate to the Sky Valley Chamber of Commerce. Local communities including local businesses near the Bolt Creek Fire by Highway 2 in Snohomish County are experiencing hard impacts from smoke and wildfire threat. The Sky Valley Chamber of Commerce is helping give money for evacuation costs and economic and food relief (e.g. loss of food in freezers, etc.)  

Jackson, Mississippi drinking water crisis: neighborhoods in Jackson, notably Black and lower income areas, have not had safe drinking water for far too long, and recent flooding has exacerbated the water crisis there: 


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