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Hi there! My name is Brett and I am new to the Climate Solutions team as our Oregon Transportation Program Director though I’ve been working on transportation policy issues for a while in Oregon with 1,000 Friends of Oregon. I am so excited to continue to build on the legacy of the Climate Solutions team as we build a clean and green transportation system. That’s where you come in. 

We all want ways to get around in our communities that are affordable, easy and efficient, clean and safe. We need a plan for Oregon’s transportation system that cuts pollution from our biggest source, and makes sure everyone can get where they need to safely! 

Now, you have the opportunity to have an impact on improving the transportation system in your community—by adding your voice during the upcoming transportation “roadshow” this summer. 

The first event is in Portland on June 4 and there are series of meetings all summer all around the state—plus ways to tune-in virtually and add public comment from afar. We have all the details on how to get involved for the Portland stop and the rest of the roadshows here! 

Burning fossil fuels to power our cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles on our roads produces 40% of climate pollution in Oregon, the highest of any sector. Our transportation system could be safer, better maintained, less polluting, and more affordable for all Oregonians if state legislators prioritize climate-smart and equitable investments in the 2025 transportation package. 

State legislators are hosting a series of 12 hearings around Oregon to listen to folks like you and hear about local communities’ concerns and needs. What our elected officials hear during this “roadshow” around the state will inform their transportation funding and policy priorities in the 2025 legislative session. We need them to hear how every community - whether urban, suburban, or rural - wants to see more investment in transit, safer streets, better infrastructure for walking and biking, and affordable access to every kind of non-polluting zero emission vehicle, from cars to trucks to transit & school buses to e-bikes! 

If you can’t make the Portland stop on June 4, don’t worry, there will be 12 stops statewide, including more stops in Washington and Clackamas counties at the end of summer.

Your testimony during these public hearings will impact how legislators shape the future of our transportation infrastructure!

I hope to see you this summer during the roadshow and thanks for all you do to support climate solutions. It’s exciting to get started working here and with you. 

Author Bio

Brett Morgan
Brett Morgan

Oregon Transportation Policy Director, Climate Solutions

Brett is our Transportation Policy Director in Oregon. He collaborates with state and local governments, advocacy groups, and private sector partners to align funding, policy, and planning in transportation to enact strong climate action through electrification, expanding multimodal options, and land use in transportation.

Before joining Climate Solutions, Brett worked at 1000 Friends of Oregon, where he focused on protecting and enhancing Oregon’s unique land use system by collaborating with governments and grassroots organizations to protect farms and forestlands in Oregon through advocacy and lobbying on transportation issues. Before this, Brett worked as a Legislative Aide to Representative Susan McLain (HD29), and as a campaign manager on state legislative races. Brett will graduate in the spring of 2024 with a Master's in Public Policy from Portland State University with a graduate certificate in emergency management and community resilience. He also holds a BS with dual majors in Economics and Environmental Sciences. 

Brett's passion for the environment extends beyond his professional life. He finds joy in snowboarding and splitboarding and actively participates in citizen science through avalanche and glacial observations. He loves anything that lets him enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest in the outdoors, including helping relatives with farming in the Willamette Valley.

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