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Boundaries of potential Oregon Wind Energy Areas published

by Juan M. Muñoz Jiménez on August 15, 2023

Oregon could benefit from new source of clean energy to reduce climate pollution and reduce fossil fuel dependency

Advocates reach settlement with Avista to phase out fossil fuel subsidies, expand low-income efficiency programs

by Greer Ryan on August 4, 2023

[PRESS RELEASE] A historic settlement in a contested rate case between Oregon’s second-largest gas utility and intervening organizations will require Avista to phase out fossil fuel subsidies, dramatically expand low-income weatherization programs and restrict political spending by the gas company that undermines state climate law.

The thing about lithium mining

by Jonathan Lawson on August 3, 2023

The battery component lithium is a key ingredient for the clean energy transition. But sourcing the mineral comes with chalenges and compromises. Also: holding the oil industry accountable, and more clean energy action in the Northwest

Sustainable maritime transport: the next frontier for reducing climate pollution

by Kurt Ellison on August 1, 2023

Maritime shipping can and must change course to address the climate crisis.

Oil companies' lies are costing us dearly: what they don't want us to understand about the fuel market

by Leah Missik on July 20, 2023

Oil companies have a long history of lying—about their climate culpability and about the true costs of gas. Let's hold them accountable.


by Jonathan Lee on July 18, 2023

Calling all fleet managers, sustainability directors, and C-suite executives of companies with fleets: Don't miss the 12th Annual Green Transportation Summit and Expo.

Stormy weather: a planet in extremis

by Juan M. Muñoz Jiménez on July 14, 2023

If extreme heat doesn’t freak you out about climate change, your brain may have melted  Only a few years ago, it was quite rare to see news weather coverage linking extreme storms or heat waves to climate change. That’s certainly no longer the case (although some TV stations have faced pushback from conservative viewers who object to news about global warming).

Avista used customer money to fund anti-climate litigation in Oregon

by Climate Solutions on July 10, 2023

[PRESS RELEASE] Avista inappropriately billed customers for anti-climate litigation spending, and is proposing to increase bills for continued litigation costs, according to testimony submitted by environmental groups to the Oregon PUC.

Learn how Climate Solutions is working with businesses on climate change!

by Gregg Small on July 7, 2023

Since our founding 25 years ago, Climate Solutions has believed strongly in the importance of the business community to drive solutions to the climate crisis. Since 1998, we have partnered with businesses in all sorts of ways. In the early 2000’s, we launched one of our first programs, Harvesting Clean Energy, to work with farmers, economic development professionals, and rural business leaders to promote clean energy development to boost the rural economy.

News flash: Fossil fuel companies are taking you for a ride.

by Joëlle Robinson on July 7, 2023

While we're feeling the burden of high gas prices, big oil is playing a blame game—trying to make us believe that high prices are caused by our state's groundbreaking climate protections instead of their gratuitously inflated profit margins.

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On the occasion of Climate Week, California takes a stand for fossil fuel accountability. The US will organize a Climate Corps after all. Global climate week protests call on governments to show more climate ambition... and action