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Rolling electric in every lane

by Jonathan Lawson on February 17, 2023

Electric cars and buses are everywhere already; school buses and heavy trucks are getting their turn in the fast lane. Also: what if the train that exploded in Ohio had been hauling tar sands oil?

Big oil's bogus blame game

by Leah Missik on February 14, 2023

When you hear a chorus of oil companies and their allies railing against climate policy, keep their motivations and high profit margins in mind.

Landmark climate leadership and investment: the Climate Commitment Act in WA

by Altinay Karasapan on February 10, 2023

A new blog series spotlighting the Climate Commitment Act in WA. This edition is Part 1: a primer on WA’s new cap-and-invest program.

WA folks can benefit from home energy incentives... but we need help.

by Joëlle Robinson on February 7, 2023

The Energy Upgrade Navigator Program would help Washington residents access state and federal clean energy investments to save money, helping the state meet our climate goals.

Gas stove talk gets weird

by Jonathan Lawson on January 19, 2023

Scientists have been calling attention to the health risks associated with gas stoves since the 1970s. But a new study prodded a government agency to take notice—and a piece of click-bait journalism triggered an unnecessary political backlash. 

Time for WA to go big on investing in climate action

by Joëlle Robinson on January 17, 2023

The urgency of the climate crisis requires bold and meaningful action every single year. In 2023, Washington's Legislature must prioritize the health and safety of Washingtonians and make sure we advance true climate solutions in several key ways. 

🎬 Cutting climate pollution from buildings

by Jonathan Lee on January 12, 2023

Homes, offices, and other buildings are a major source of climate and air pollution. Thankfully, the best solutions will save you money on energy costs without sacrificing comfort. Learn more by watching our new video series!

What’s on in WA for climate action this year

by Kelly Hall on January 9, 2023

The 2023 Washington Legislative session is underway. Here are the major climate and clean energy issues Climate Solutions is tracking this year.

Entering the Action Phase 🔥

by Jonathan Lawson on January 6, 2023

While stormy climate consequences rang in the new year, a strong set of federal and state-level climate laws went into effect as well... and both WA and OR adopted CA's zero-emissions car rules.

100% Clean Cars for Oregon!

by Victoria Paykar on December 20, 2022

We did it! Climate Solutions and the Clean Cars Oregon Coalition are excited to let you know about the momentous victory that is a critical component for Oregon to reduce air pollution and help us meet the challenge of the climate crisis: earlier today, Oregon’s Environmental Quality Commission voted to pass the Advanced Clean Cars II Rule that will help us in our transition to 100% zero-emission vehicles! Now here’s your chance to learn a bit more about it and get ready for a clean cars coast! 

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