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worker installing heat pump unit on wall with text overlay "clean buildings"
Living cleaner: why cities are shifting to all-electric buildings

by Deepa Sivarajan on January 21, 2021

We can make sure that our buildings are healthy and safe. A transition to all-electric will require our communities dispelling misinformation and speaking up for policies that move us off gas in an equitable and just way.

Why cap-and-invest? One strategy for carbon reduction

by Vlad Gutman-Britten on January 20, 2021

Climate Solutions' approach to the Climate Commitment Act, Governor Inslee’s proposed cap-and-invest system, and other systems like it

Washington's long-term growth planning must consider climate change

by Climate Solutions on January 19, 2021

Prepared testimony supporting HB 1099, revising Washington's Growth Management Act to consider climate response in long-term regional planning

power lines pylons
Is Oregon's clean energy transition on track?

by Jonathan Lee on January 15, 2021

Join our discussion exploring what powers our energy system today, where the trends are headed, and it all means for an energy-smart, climate-safe future for Oregon.

High hopes and great expectations: a political shift on climate

by Jonathan Lawson on January 15, 2021

Washington's legislative session begins. So does the Biden administration.

Cutting pollution with clean fuels: a top climate priority for Washington

by Leah Missik on January 13, 2021

Right now, Washington is a lonely outlier on the West coast: the only state that is not benefiting from a Clean Fuel Standard.

Climate action now in Washington
The Clean Fuel Standard gets its first virtual hearing. Be "there."

by Ben Jones on January 12, 2021

This year's legislative session is taking place online—but you can still sign in to testify, or to register your support for climate action. We'll keep you informed!

100 percent clean bus at Washington State Capitol
2021: Action time for climate in the Washington Legislature

by Vlad Gutman-Britten on January 8, 2021

Naysayers will claim that this is not the time for climate action in Washington, not with COVID, racial injustice, and economic recovery on the agenda. But we don’t need to choose between our major priorities: we can achieve climate progress, recover from COVID impacts, and fight systemic racism all at the same time.

chimney smog pollution
Oregon's Environmental Quality Commission chooses industry over communities to develop air pollution regulations

by Zach Baker on December 23, 2020

The EQC has decided to stack the cap-and-reduce rulemaking advisory committee with fossil fuel and big business interests.

Biden's climate and clean energy nominees
Here's your clean energy team for 2021

by Jonathan Lawson on December 17, 2020

Biden's climate picks bring experience, grit and a focus on environmental justice. Plus: Who the gas industry is targeting now, and climate book recommendations for the holidays!



  • Sleuthing for truth during power outages

    Sleuthing the truth about renewables and widespread winter power outages In the wake of massive winter storms that blanketed much of the continental US in snow and ice, some clean energy skeptics were quick to seize upon the image of an ice-coated Texas wind turbine as supposed evidence that the rise of renewables were to blame for widespread power outages.