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Courage is Contagious

by Gregg Small on November 25, 2019

It's time for climate hope, but also for courage, determination and action

Oregon and California lead on climate with clean fuels. What about Washington?

by Joëlle Robinson on November 20, 2019

Washington has a great responsibility to lead on climate...and a great opportunity to do so right now—by taking action on transporation emissions.

Issaquah council backs cleaner transportation choices

by Climate Solutions on November 19, 2019

The City of Issaquah supports Clean Fuel Standard as key way to clean up vehicle pollution.

Choosing our adventure: Puget Sound's transportation future

by Leah Missik on November 13, 2019

We need to plan for more electric cars, trucks and buses, but we also need to make it possible to get around by walking, rolling, and transit—and reduce the amount we need to drive in the first place. 

Climate emergency declarations call for clean energy solutions

by Devon Downeysmith on November 12, 2019

Scientists answer Trump's Paris withdrawal by declaring a climate emergency. Meanwhile, every day presents more reasons to leave fossil fuels behind and embrace clean solutions.

Washington election results: setbacks, motivation, and why we need a Clean Fuel Standard

by Leah Missik on November 11, 2019

Tuesday’s results were disappointing, but we’re determined to continue fighting for our climate, our health, and our communities. Join us in supporting a strong clean fuel standard!

We ♥ clean fuels and local climate leadership!

by Joëlle Robinson on November 7, 2019

The Puget Sound region has a huge opportunity to clean our air and fight climate change—by enacting a Clean Fuel Standard. Let's encourage our Regional Council to follow through!

Picture of Seattle Link light rail train
Please vote NO on I-976 and YES on Referendum 88

by Joëlle Robinson on October 31, 2019

Next Tuesday, November 5th is Election Day. Here are two ballot measures that impact our ability to find just and equitable solutions to climate change.

FILED: 100% clean air ballot initiatives

by Jonathan Gates on October 31, 2019

Earlier this week, our coalition of partners officially filed critical climate protection ballot measures with the Oregon Secretary of State's office, having collected twice as many signatures as needed to qualify.

The green economy continues to grow

by Devon Downeysmith on October 30, 2019

Renewables boost US green economy, even more iconic cars going full-electric, Exxon's climate fraud trial, Trump vs. California round 2.


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  • Paris! we just can't leave you

    Clean energy advances through local elections We need national and international action to fight climate change, but states and cities have also been a critical piece of the solution.