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wildfire damage, Oregon
Ready for a gasoline-free future? CA is

by Jonathan Lawson on October 1, 2020

California is ready to quit gas-fueled cars... a presidential legacy of intentional climate inaction... and the latest news on climate and clean energy

Photo of air pollution from smoke stack
Cap-and-reduce: Will DEQ step up to the plate?

by Zach Baker on September 25, 2020

By no longer allowing industries to spew unlimited amounts of pollution into our air, DEQ's new cap-and-reduce policy can help transition Oregon to cleaner ways of powering our economy and communities.

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What the hell just happened?

by Stephanie Noren on September 18, 2020

An unprecedented use of the word "unprecedented" in describing recent climate impacts. For many across the West Coast, the end of summer has been harrowing with hellish wildfires and living under unchanging grey and smoky skies, or watching the slow march of flood waters rise in the streets. We’re living through extraordinarily complex and challenging times, and continuous news coverage of multiple crises can feel extreme and extractive.

Rogue valley relief fund logo
Support our fire-impacted neighbors in Southern Oregon

by Jonathan Lee on September 14, 2020

Thousands of people in the Rogue Valley have been displaced by wildfires and hundreds of homes, businesses, and community spaces have been destroyed, including the headquarters of our grassroots partner Rogue Climate.

Photo of smoky sky
It doesn't have to feel like Life on Mars

by Gregg Small on September 10, 2020

Our climate movement is more unified than ever, but we're reaching a critical point where we must change a lot of things all at once. Let's do this together.

3 ways to cope with the smoke

by Jonathan Lee on September 9, 2020

If you live west of the Cascades in the Pacific Northwest, you likely woke up yesterday to an awful late-summer surprise (if you weren't under wildfire threat already): a blanket of unhealthy wildfire smoke.

Hope is huge. But is it enough?

by Jonathan Lawson on September 8, 2020

Big oil takes heat for lobbying against clean energy... plus more of the latest climate news.

Red skies above smoke stacks and pollution, indicative of the hellscape fortold from runaway climate change
Cap-and-reduce: What’s at stake as DEQ kicks off program design

by Zach Baker on September 1, 2020

One major component of the Oregon Climate Action Plan is a directive for the state Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to set up a new program to “cap and reduce” climate-harming pollution from Oregon’s large polluters.

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Support BLM, wildfire relief and COVID frontlines

by Ben Jones on August 27, 2020

One thing we have learned from COVID19 is that bad things don’t happen in isolation. As the pandemic drags along, more than a million acres have already burned in California’s wildfire season. In the midst of a much needed national reckoning on racism, another Black man, Jacob Blake, was shot by police in Kenosha, WI. 

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ClimateCast: A hot and heavy week in August

by Stephanie Noren on August 24, 2020

Do Democrats oppose fossil fuel subsidies?



130k reasons to stop

A massive oil spill in California, America readying for EV growth, big moves on gas use in buildings, Bad Apples in the Beltway, and a spotlight on Facebook’s climate denial.