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Better a million heat pumps than one carbon bomb

by Jonathan Lawson on

The Biden administration approves a highly controversial drilling project, electric street sweepers prove that no truck is too big to be electric, and culture warriors attack environmental justice research.

Improving Oregon’s Homes and Buildings for our Climate and Communities

by Greer Ryan on

Oregonians deserve healthy, affordable, resilient buildings that run on clean energy.

Twenty-five years of brighter tomorrows

by Gregg Small on

This year Climate Solutions celebrates our 25th Anniversary. Has it really been that long?

The biggest investment—ever—in clean energy coming to WA communities

by Altinay Karasapan on

Our last blog of the CCA series where we dig into the “invest” side of the cap-and-invest equation.

Our roads deserve a breather.

by Joëlle Robinson on

Ask your Washington lawmakers to support electrification of more medium- and heavy-duty vehicles including school buses, transit buses, garbage trucks, delivery vans, and semis.

Polluters pay: Washington sets a new gold standard

by Jonathan Lawson on

This week, Washington reached a significant milestone in the state’s push to reduce emissions.

Landmark climate leadership: WA invests in environmental justice

by Altinay Karasapan on

In this post, we’ll highlight some groundbreaking pieces unique to Washington’s law: environmental justice provisions that prioritize air pollution reductions in overburdened communities, ongoing oversight by an Environmental Justice Council, and significant investments in communities most impacted by poor air quality, economic barriers, and climate impacts.

Halfway through

by Kelly Hall on

Midway through this year's legislative session in Washington, lawmakers are working on implementing recently passed climate laws and allocating funds from the Climate Commitment Act. How's it going?

Everyone should be able to breathe clean air

by Joëlle Robinson on

Ask WA legislators to support making energy-saving heat pumps available to low- and moderate-income households, schools and small businesses.

Rolling electric in every lane

by Jonathan Lawson on

Electric cars and buses are everywhere already; school buses and heavy trucks are getting their turn in the fast lane. Also: what if the train that exploded in Ohio had been hauling tar sands oil?

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Keeping cool with electric heat pumps

Amidst another extreme and record-breaking heat wave, affordable and energy-efficient cooling is essential for everyone. Electric heat pumps can make that happen.