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Groups of people in a park are clustered inside marked circles to demonstrate the changes in public spaces during COVID19
Why solving the climate crisis is more urgent than ever

by Gregg Small on August 14, 2020

Does it sometimes seem like we're now living in a permanent state of emergency? Because we are. And our need for climate action is anything but a distraction.

Electric Fedex mail truck sits parked
Clean Trucks for Justice

by Victoria Paykar on August 7, 2020

Our state needs to prioritize cleaning up the delivery trucks, transit and school buses, big rigs, and other commercial vehicles that make up the medium and heavy duty transportation sector.

Text: 'Climate Cast - the latest in clean energy solutions' over an image of the sun and a red sky
For businesses, climate is really the bottom line

by Jonathan Lawson on August 7, 2020

The next frontier for clean energy transition: clean buildings.

Two workers installing a solar panel on a roof
Stop Cuts to Oregon’s Rooftop Solar Rebate Program

by Jonathan Lee on July 28, 2020

Oregon legislators have proposed cutting the state’s only support for many rural and low-income communities to access solar and energy storage for their own roofs.

upside down facebook logo, next to the spray painted word dislike
Facebook: stop giving climate deniers a pass

by Gregg Small on July 23, 2020

Facebook has been preventing its own fact-checkers from flagging climate disinformation in users' news feeds. That's wildly irresponsible.

Six Americas survey categories
Climate urgency: where are you on the spectrum?

by Jonathan Lawson on July 17, 2020

Take a quick survey to see where you fit into the "six Americas" of climate change. Also: It was a bad week for the fossil fuel industry... and Time Magazine spotlights climate justice.

Facebook: stop hate for profit
Facebook: stop hate for profit

by Climate Solutions on July 9, 2020

Facebook needs to end its reluctance to curb hate speech... and stop giving climate misinformation a free pass.

house with solar panels
Clean, climate-friendly buildings can help Oregon build back better

by Zach Baker on July 7, 2020

We can rebuild and recover in a more just, clean, healthy, and smart way—while creating lots of high quality green jobs along the way. One of those climate-smart and equitable solutions to build back better than before is right in front of us, and all around us: our homes and other buildings.

Bike and streetcar in Portland
Portland Metro voters will get chance to say YES to safe, clean and efficient transportation

by Victoria Paykar on July 7, 2020

The Portland metro region needs safe, efficient, and affordable transportation options. Let’s Get Moving 2020 will help make these improvements possible, all while reducing climate pollution and addressing systemic inequities.

Cartoon gas flame "Don Fuego"
Hey, kids, fracked gas is good for you

by Jonathan Lawson on July 2, 2020

Climate change tied to pregnancy risks—especially for Black women. Also, Seattle's new arena scores for climate action; Facebook is under pressure to get serious about hate speech...and climate action



130k reasons to stop

A massive oil spill in California, America readying for EV growth, big moves on gas use in buildings, Bad Apples in the Beltway, and a spotlight on Facebook’s climate denial.