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Biden invokes war powers to speed clean energy shift

by Jonathan Lawson on June 9, 2022

This week, President Biden issued a number of executive orders taking action on clean energy, to make solar panels, heat pumps, insulation and other products for the clean energy transition

(Other) nations leading on clean energy transition

by Jonathan Lawson on May 27, 2022

Who's showing leadership on clean buildings? Also: bigotry maquerading as environmental concern.

What does equitable internet access have to do with climate?

by Jonathan Lee on May 13, 2022

Bridging the digital divide, EVs keep accelerating, fossil fuel dirty deeds, and spreading climate hope.

The role of renewable diesel in Oregon's climate plans

by Victoria Paykar on May 12, 2022

While we are putting all our efforts into transitioning our transportation sector to be made up of 100% zero-emission vehicles powered by renewable energy, this transformation will not happen overnight.

Do we really need to electrify all those vehicles? Yes—and quickly

by Leah Missik on May 11, 2022

Our transportation research indicates that it's urgent that we accelerate the transition to electric vehicles of all types. At the same time, it’s clear we need to expand clean and convenient options for getting around.

Why Oregon’s climate progress is good, but still not enough

by Jonathan Lee on May 8, 2022

If you’re like me, you’ve seen a LOT of studies released about the increasingly dire state of our climate, what’s to come if we do not cut pollution, and how much pollution we need to cut by when. 

Momentum: “Our strength comes in moments of crisis.”

by Teresa Myers on May 5, 2022

Representative Pramila Jayapal, National Deputy Climate Advisor Ali Zaidi, plus a panel of Northwest-based climate leaders... Wow, I still cannot believe the lineup of inspiring leaders who joined us for our May 2022 online event, Momentum: Embarking on a new era of climate leadership.

You'll get a charge out of these clean energy developments

by Stephanie Noren on April 29, 2022

Washington leads with action on clean energy in commercial buildings. Also: clean energy everywhere demands grid growth and better batteries; both are coming.

Washington State takes strongest clean commercial buildings action in the nation

by Stephanie Noren on April 22, 2022

State Building Code Council adopts energy codes requiring new commercial buildings to heat with electricity

Freeway expansion and climate action don't mix

by Jonathan Lee on April 15, 2022

Freeway expansion and climate action don’t mix As youth-organized climate protests against the Oregon Department of Transportation’s proposed Interstate 5 freeway expansion project enter their 25th week, elected leaders in Washington State are also reckoning with the climate and community consequences of freeway expansion.

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Climate had a week

On the occasion of Climate Week, California takes a stand for fossil fuel accountability. The US will organize a Climate Corps after all. Global climate week protests call on governments to show more climate ambition... and action