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Clean transportation hits the road in Wenatchee, WA

by Leah Missik on

Our Clean Vehicle showcase featured zero-emission buses, drayage, and garbage trucks.

Be a climate voter!

by Joëlle Robinson on

Every election is a climate election! In Washington it's not too late to register to vote. And it's never too late to make sure your friends and neighbors are registered. And of course, to vote.

Sign us up for renewable power

by Jonathan Lawson on

In this week's ClimateCast: the urgent need for clean energy infrstructure, resiliency and hard choices, West Coast climate leadership and more.


by Savitha Reddy Pathi on

Naming climate disasters after major polluters, overcoming the status quo, and supporting those first and worst affected by climate change-fueled disasters.

Cleaner cars could come to Oregon—with your help

by Victoria Paykar on

This December, Oregon’s Environmental Quality Commission will vote on proposed tailpipe emissions standards so that by 2035, 100% of new cars sold will be zero emission vehicles.

Confirm that we want clean cars in Washington!

by Leah Missik on

To meet our climate goals, Washington needs to keep expanding affordable, clean transportation options. Let the state know that you support three beneficial updates to our clean vehicle rules.

Autumn brings no ease with climate impacts

by Kimberly Larson on

Intense impacts in the Atlantic, huge methane problems, and clean fuels leadership from Oregon

Donate to communities for climate relief

by Jonathan Lee on

More and more communities are experiencing climate-driven natural disasters. These are a few of the many communities that could use any support you’re able to provide as they recover from recent climate impacts.

BREAKING: More clean fuels means cleaner climate and air for Oregon!

by Victoria Paykar on

Did you hear the news? Oregon now has the strongest clean fuel standard in the country.

Renewables booming, but it’s still too hot 🥵

by Stephanie Noren on

ClimateCast is our curated, biweekly collection of news and commentary on climate issues. In this issue: DC Dispatch; renewables boom; CA leads but still too hot

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