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Washington city #4: Clean energy and climate progress by going all-electric

by Beth Doglio on January 21, 2022

Olympia is the fourth Pacific Northwest city to prioritize clean air and health through action on buildings

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Clean Buildings heating up across Washington State

by Stephanie Noren on January 21, 2022

Efforts to increase access to clean, electric heating sources and electrify municipal and commercial buildings gaining ground in many forums across the state

Photo of downtown Salem, Oregon at night
How we build has major climate impacts

by Meredith Connolly on January 13, 2022

Numerous Oregon cities from Bend to Beaverton want to require stronger energy efficiency building standards, but Oregon’s existing state policies are holding them back.

Targeted electrification in 2022
Washington: are you ready to act on climate in 2022?

by Joëlle Robinson on January 10, 2022

We made some great progress in 2021 on climate, but there is still so much more to do to meet WA’s statutory climate goals, and most importantly, respect our Earth’s climate boundaries.

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2022 is off to an electric start

by Stephanie Noren on January 7, 2022

2022: the year of the truck, a cleaner grid, and maybe some new ideas 

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Questions about your year-end gift?

by Savitha Reddy Pathi on December 21, 2021

If you have any questions about making a year-end donation, please email or contact Savitha Reddy Pathi, Deputy Director, at 206-854-6630. Thank you for your support and all you do for Climate Solutions!

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Transforming our Transportation: Pathways to Cut Pollution

by Leah Missik on December 17, 2021

Transportation is the largest source of our climate pollution in the Pacific Northwest. With new research, Climate Solutions has evaluated options to meet our climate goals in Washington and Oregon, cutting carbon from our transportation system.

Photo of landscape at sunrise with wind turbines
It's time to double down

by Kara Harvin on December 16, 2021

Climate Solutions’ 350 Club members are an integral part of our organization and your help is needed to propel the transition to our clean energy future.

Oregon DEQ banner that reads "The Road to Clean Air Starts Here"
Oregon's EQC votes to approve Climate Protection Program

by Meredith Connolly on December 16, 2021

Earlier today, Oregon's Environmental Quality Commission just approved new rules that will help hold Oregon's industrial polluters accountable.

row of homes with red text overlay "healthy and safe buildings"
Shoreline Wins on Clean Buildings

by Ariana Ylvisaker on December 15, 2021

Shoreline, Washington became the second city in the Pacific Northwest to pass policy on clean buildings.

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Biden invokes war powers to speed clean energy shift

This week, President Biden issued a number of executive orders taking action on clean energy, to make solar panels, heat pumps, insulation and other products for the clean energy transition