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Oil rig in front of sunset
130k reasons to stop

by Stephanie Noren on October 11, 2021

A massive oil spill in California, America readying for EV growth, big moves on gas use in buildings, Bad Apples in the Beltway, and a spotlight on Facebook’s climate denial.

collage of Mount Hood, a girl cleaning an electric induction stove, and solar panel installers
Turns out it’s a bad idea to burn fossil fuels inside our buildings too

by Greer Ryan on October 10, 2021

As heat rises, fossil fuel pollution from Oregon’s buildings looms large.

photo of solar panels, wind turbines, and power lines against sky with sunrise
Creating a Wave--the Pacific Northwest Says Yes to 100% Clean Electricity

by Kimberly Larson on October 8, 2021

Our latest Climate Leaders Live webinar celebrated the Pacific Northwest as the first region to commit to 100% clean energy.

Video Screenshot
Spread the word about the clean fuels coast

by Leah Missik on October 6, 2021

Take a minute to check out the story of what people power did and share the good news of a Clean Fuels Coast!

Mexican Dolls
Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

by Jacqui Trillo on September 30, 2021

We’re halfway through Hispanic Heritage Month and I hope you’ve had a chance to reflect, learn, or celebrate. I invite all Latinos to celebrate the power of your voice this month, be it Spanish or English. 

Electric truck
Clean Trucks Are Here and Ready to Go

by Victoria Paykar and Leah Missik on September 27, 2021

Right now, both Washington and Oregon are taking important steps to clean up bigger trucks and vehicles. Read on to learn more about these potential rules and how you can help ensure our states adopt them in a strong and equitable way!

What's next for climate in Washington?

by Climate Solutions on September 26, 2021

Climate Solutions' Washington State legislative priorities for 2022.

Capitol dome
Rage against the Manchin

by Jonathan Lawson on September 23, 2021

The West Virginia Senator stands in the path of crucial climate progress. Also: what's in the Democrats' climate plan? And Oregon has the opportunity to expand clean transportation on its roads.

Smoke rising above trees
It's the 11th hour for climate and Congress

by Gregg Small on September 20, 2021

The climate crisis seems to be getting worse, but we also know there is a window of time right now when we can still make a big positive difference.

Use your voice to add solutions to the news coverage

by Joëlle Robinson on September 13, 2021

Worsening climate impacts have dominated news coverage. But do you know what’s been largely missing? What we can do about it.

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