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100 percent clean bus at Washington State Capitol
We're Past the Halfway Point

by Vlad Gutman-Britten on March 8, 2021

We’ve passed the halfway mark in Washington’s Legislative session. Check out our update on Climate Solutions’ top climate priorities, and where we need to apply pressure to make sure our lawmakers demonstrate climate leadership.

Photo of workers installing a public EV charger in Cottage Grove, Oregon.
Powering up Oregon's EV adoption rates

by Victoria Paykar on March 4, 2021

Ensuring that the future of Oregon’s transportation is electric—not burning fossil fuels—is critical for cleaning up our air and for achieving our state’s climate goals.

Washington House accelerates clean fuels

by Climate Solutions on February 27, 2021

The heat in Olympia is now on the Senate, as the House passes a Clean Fuel Standard for the third year in a row.

ClimateCast banner with photo of gas pipelines in the snow
Sleuthing for truth during power outages

by Jonathan Lee on February 26, 2021

Photos of an ice-coated Texas wind turbine were weaponized as supposed "evidence" that renewables were to blame for widespread power outages.

Stylized photo of Oregon State Capitol building
2021: Action time for climate in the Oregon Legislature

by Meredith Connolly on February 24, 2021

As the historic wildfires that devastated Oregon last September and the most recent ice storms make clear, climate chaos is here and harming Oregon’s communities and well-being now.

This restaurant supports clean fuels
“Circular” Restaurants recycle used cooking oil into low-carbon, low-pollution fuel

by Climate Solutions on February 24, 2021

As the Washington Legislature again considers a policy to create a Clean Fuel Standard (HSB 1091), a coalition of supporters celebrate “Circular Restaurant” Week to honor restaurants in the International District who participate in waste cooking oil recycling programs.

Electric school bus
Seattle Schools’ history-making commitment to climate action

by Deepa Sivarajan on February 12, 2021

Seattle Public Schools makes a bold climate commitment: to transition to 100% clean and renewable energy by 2040 by eliminating all use of fossil fuels in district electricity, heating, cooling, cooking, and transportation.

Norway is #1 in EVs
As seen on TV: the future of cars is electric

by Jonathan Lawson on February 12, 2021

Michael Regan poised for confirmation to head the EPA; What to make of carmakers' sudden enthusiasm for EVs?

ClimateCast - kids jumping
Transition 2021 off to a good start

by Jonathan Lawson on January 28, 2021

"Federal climate action:" no longer an oxymoron

air pollution from gas power plant
A climate protection plan that exempts gas power plants(?!)

by Zach Baker on January 22, 2021

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has proposed exempting the state's fossil gas power plants from their Climate Protection Program. This cannot stand.



The good, the bad, and the necessary next steps

Harrowing floods  After a summer where record-breaking heat waves made international headlines, low-lying towns and neighborhoods in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia suffered horrific losses from severe flooding from the “atmospheric river” of rain that dumped down this week.