Connected Everything - What it Means for the Grid

The energy marketplace is undoubtedly undergoing a revolution as numerous energy assets are becoming increasingly intelligent. Join Smart Grid Northwest for a lively conversation as they explore how a diversity of smart energy resources are connected into the grid and what this means for system operators, energy users, and other stakeholders. 

This webinar will have two parts. The first portion will discuss the critical platforms that are allowing for the intelligent connectivity of these distributed assets. The second part will explore which leading applications are bringing value to energy users and grid operators. Speakers for this two-part webinar will include: 

Platforms for Connectivity 

  • Communications: Verizon -- Joel Fisher, IoT Business Development Specialist Smart Cities & Smart Grid 
  • Meters: Itron -- Arun Sehgal, Engineering Advisor CTO Office 
  • Utility Platform: Tendril -- Jake Meier, Vice President of Engineering 
  • C&I Platform: Blue Pillar -- Kimberly Getgen, VP Marketing 

Responsive & Intelligent Applications 

  • Thermostats: Nest -- Jeff Gleeson, Energy Partnerships 
  • HVAC: Transformative Wave -- Ian Doebber, Chief R&D Engineer 
  • Storage: Stem -- Karen Butterfield, Chief Commercial Officer 
  • Lighting: Cree -- John Casadonte, Product Marketing Manager 

Topics to be raised during the webinar include: 

  • What platforms are providing connectivity to a diversity of energy resources 
  • How leading responsive applications are providing value to individuals, companies and grid operators 
  • How all these connected resources are benefiting energy systems 
  • The future of responsive, connected asset installations

The webinar will lead into Smart Grid Northwest's Transactive Energy Systems Conference, which they are co-hosting May 17-19 in Portland. 

Click here to be apart of this interactive, lively discussion moderated by Smart Grid NW's Executive Director Bryce Yonker 



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