Important Step toward Making Northwest a World Leader in Sustainable Flight
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Today the Port of Seattle, Alaska Airlines and Boeing announced a joint effort to build new infrastructure needed to make Sea-Tac International Airport one of the first places in the world where planes will be able to fuel up with sustainable, low-carbon alternatives to traditional jet fuel. This agreement is an important step in a long and critical journey.
“The aviation industry is growing rapidly, and its carbon emissions are also growing,” said Ross Macfarlane, Senior Advisor with Climate Solutions.  “Reducing those emissions is a critical priority for the aviation industry and for all of us who care about a stable climate. Meeting the sector’s goals to reduce climate pollution will require developing low-carbon, sustainable alternatives to petroleum-based jet fuels at a commercial scale and a competitive price.” 
Northwest clean energy advocacy group Climate Solutions also released Toward Sustainable Aviation Fuels: A Primer and State of the Industry, a new report on the progress that the aviation industry and biofuel developers are making towards the goal of powering commercial planes with clean, renewable fuels. The report inventories and assesses recent developments in sustainable aviation fuels happening around the world and here at home.
Four years ago, Climate Solutions helped author a groundbreaking stakeholder report, Sustainable Aviation Fuels Northwest: Powering the Next Generation of Flight, that was sponsored by the Port of Seattle, Alaska Airlines and Boeing, among others. Today’s announcement is part of the action plan for making our region a world leader in making sustainable jet fuels a reality, outlined in that earlier report.
The new report is available through Climate Solutions’ website,  You can also find more detailed reactions to today’s announcement from the Port, Alaska Airlines and Boeing in a new blog post,  Helping the Northwest lead the world in sustainable aviation.
Climate Solutions is a Northwest-based clean energy economy non-profit working to accelerate practical and profitable solutions to global warming by galvanizing leadership, growing investment and bridging divides. 

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