Deborah Jensen


Deborah has over 25 years of executive experience leading conservation, education and scientific organizations. Currently she is the Vice-President and Executive Director for Audubon Washington.

She previously served as CEO at the Woodland Park Zoo where she expanded the zoo’s field conservation programs to operate or support some 35 projects worldwide, created the zoo’s first sustainability plan, and oversaw the opening of Zoomazium, the first Leeds Gold certified building at any US zoo; Deborah was also VP for Conservation Science for The Nature Conservancy, where she led an international team of scientists helping to identify and steward networks of lands and waters that could sustain biodiversity in the face of multiple ecological changes.

Deborah currently serves on the Puget Sound Leadership Council and is a past-chair of the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition. Her PhD and MS in Energy and Resources are from the University of California, Berkeley.

When not bird-watching or hiking she might be found tasting or creating hand-crafted chocolates with her husband.


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