Staff Alumni
Nick Richardson
former Intern, Business Partnerships Program


Nick Richardson spent summer 2015 working an intern working in the Business Partnerships Program at Climate Solutions.  A Seattle native, Nick recently transferred from the University of Washington to the University of Colorado at Boulder to study both business and renewable energy. He is earning a business degree in International Business and Entrepreneurship and studies renewable energy in his minor.  Specifically passionate about solar energy, he recently worked on a project to expand solar facilities on campus at CU Boulder and also competed in the 2015 Clean Energy Competition creating a business model for off-site solar farms. In addition to renewable energy, he is also interested in global warming and corporate sustainability.

Nick is very passionate about traveling and has lived abroad in four different countries. He lived in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic for six months learning Spanish and volunteering in the rainforest, in Tanzania for half a year where he taught English and Soccer in schools, and in Andalucía, Spain where he studied abroad and worked as a travel photographer.  

Nick will graduate from the University of Colorado with a BBA in May 2016. 


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