Rhys Roth

Director, Center for Sustainable Infrastructure


Rhys Roth co-founded Climate Solutions in 1998, and left the organization in July 2013 to create the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure.

To connect with the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure, contact Rhys Roth at rothr@evergreen.edu or 360-867-6906.

Recent Posts

  • New Center Aims for Infrastructure Paradigm Shift

    The US needs to invest trillions just to keep our nation’s basic infrastructure--energy, transportation, water, and waste systems--in working order. Will we lock in inefficient, carbon-polluting systems for decades to come? Or will we invest in innovative programs better adapted to a world with too much carbon?

  • Fast-talking innovators show the way to our biocarbon future

    One of the special highlights at the Northwest Biocarbon Summit–for me and many others–was a remarkable series of “Speed Talks” by real-world Northwest practitioners who brought to life the full portfolio of biocarbon solutions.

  • The 400 ppm threshold

    The only way back to Target 350 is to stop putting so much carbon pollution in the air and at the same time to remove a lot of the accumulated carbon from the air.

  • Blue carbon goes big Down Under

    Australia is launching one of the most ambitious ‘blue carbon’ mapping projects ever.  ‘Blue carbon’ is the capture and storage of carbon pollution from the atmosphere in ocean plants and sediments on the seabed.