Mosier: a small city with big vision
In summer 2016, the City of Mosier, OR suffered a frightening incident when an oil train derailed and caught fire just one block away from the community school. Since then, the Mayor, City Council and residents of Mosier have worked diligently to set policies that encourage and implement environmentally sustainable, non-toxic environmental and energy practices to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.
Some of the city's committments:
  1. Passed an ordinance that bans single use plastics, styrofoam and straws;
  2. Forged an agreement to change all street lights to LED bulbs as they expire;
  3. Committed to building Mosier's new city hall/fire station/community center as a ‘Net Zero’ facility;
  4. Plans to implement on-site stormwater facilities in Mosier streetscapes include bioswales, tree canopy and vegetation, and reducing impervious surfaces in town; and
  5. Completed a strategic plan that sets these values of sustainability in motion.
In December 2017, Mosier's Mayor Arlene Burns was invited to attend the North American Climate Summit, and joined the Council of Mayors as a signatory on the Chicago Climate Charter.  Through signing the Charter, the City of Mosier agrees to:
  • Provide every resident with safe and accessible choices to walk, bike, or use public transit as part of Mosier’s transportation system and land use policies
  • Adopt policies and investments that reduce the carbon footprint of public transit systems, Mosier’s vehicle fleet and privately-owned vehicles
  • Accelerate municipal use of renewable energy and work to deliver affordable renewable energy access in all communities
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of new and existing public and private buildings and infrastructure
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of solid waste systems
  • Invest in natural climate solutions such as tree canopy, vegetation, and shoreline restoration that conserve, restore and improve natural ecosystems that increase carbon storage.

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