The children of Plant-for-the-Planet set a goal: plant 1,000 billion trees by 2020.

If everyone on Earth plants 150 trees, we’ll grow 1,000 billion trees worldwide to replace long lost forests with this century’s carbon bank, a graceful recovery from peak CO2 and deadly climate change. 10 billion tons of CO2 could be offset, buying us valuable time to permanently reduce our CO2 emissions (one tree can bind, on average, 10 kg of CO2 per year). As the United Nations Environment Programme’s official tree-counters, Plant-for-the-Planet Ambassadors have already counted almost 13 billion trees.

Planting trees

At Plant-for-the-Planet Academies, children (ages 8-11) become Climate Justice Ambassadors and explore all the important topics of the climate crisis and global justice, learn how to give presentations and how to organize tree planting events. Participating at an Academy is free for the children. So far, Plant-for-the-Planet Academies have taken place across 45 countries worldwide, resulting in 30,000 Climate Justice Ambassadors (as of June 2014). Please watch this short introductory video to find out more.


Today’s Climate Justice Ambassadors will live to see 1,000 billion trees mature to clear the air, store carbon, and cool the Earth. Now that’s cool!

In the US, after calculating Washington State's fair share - 1,034,550,000 trees - two ambassadors announced Washington's Billion Tree Campaign to the Governor, inspiring us all to "Stop Talking, Start Planting!"

Plant-for-the-Planet’s 3-Point Plan to save our future:

  - Plant 1,000 billion trees by 2020
  - Leave fossil fuels in the ground (CO2-free by 2050)
  - Combat poverty with climate justice

Local ambassadors and volunteers currently offer Plant-for-the-Planet Academies around Puget Sound. New Ambassadors for Climate Justice graduate with a certificate, copy of the book Tree by Tree, t-shirt, and are ready to hold their own presentation illustrating their 3-Point Plan to save our future. Invite them to speak to your group!

Meet Michael Foster, Plant-for-the-Planet volunteer

"The vision these children put into action worldwide captivates me. So in my slideshows for The Climate Reality Project, I started highlighting Plant-for-the-Planet. When audiences see these kids saving the world, they often cheer!

It bothered me that nobody had heard of them before. The Northwest, kids, trees, how natural! So I felt I had to get them started. Now my own kids give presentations and train ambassadors!"

Give for a brighter future


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