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The Clean Energy Economy is booming, with global investments in utility-scale wind and solar projects as well as rooftop solar, at a record $329 billion in 2015. Neither a 67% drop in oil prices through 2015, nor low global coal and natural gas prices curtailed global clean energy investment.

Our Clean Energy Economy focuses on the following tracks:

  1. Clean Energy Investment: The tremendous clean energy investment opportunity (the Clean Trillion) waiting in the wings to replace fossil investment
  2. Economic Development and Job Creation: The data that tell the story of how clean energy jobs are eclipsing fossil fuel jobs
  3. Economics of Renewable Energy: The rapidly falling costs of renewable energy and the dramatic adoption of renewable energy technology
  4. Unburnable Carbon/The Keystone Principle: The incontrovertible fact that the climate cannot withstand burning existing fossil fuel reserves, which means fossil fuel assets are wildly overvalued