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FILED: 100% clean air ballot initiatives
October 31, 2019

Here's a little goody for your trick-or-treat bag: We've reached the next milestone to ensure Oregon takes major climate action next year.

Earlier this week, our coalition of partners officially filed critical climate protection ballot measures with the Oregon Secretary of State's office, having collected twice as many signatures as needed to qualify.

Oregon is ready to transition off fossil fuels and build a 100% clean economy;  a full 70% of Oregonians support bold climate action. These ballot measures will make that happen. 

  • 100% Clean Economy: We’ll cut our climate pollution from fossil fuels and industrial sources in half by 2035 and 100% by 2050.
  • 100% Clean Electricity: All of Oregon’s electricity will come from carbon-free and renewable sources by 2045. Electric utilities will also help electrify our transportation and buildings, using the 100% clean grid. 

With 100% clean electricity serving as the backbone to a clean economy and emissions limits consistent with what science demands, these ballot measures ensure Oregon takes strong climate action in 2020 and beyond. How we transition to a clean energy economy also matters. Both ballot measures ensure that our state is making an equitable and just transition for all Oregonians, prioritizing communities on the frontlines of climate pollution and creating high-quality jobs.

To be clear, passing the Clean Energy Jobs bill remains our top priority for the 2020 legislative session. But if bad actors logjam our democratic process again, we are ready to take these bold pieces of climate action to the voters in November 2020.

Ghoulish corporate polluters and Big Oil don't frighten us; we're in it to ensure a safer, cleaner Oregon for today’s and future trick-or-treaters.

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Jonathan Lee

Storytelling and Digital Engagement Manager, Climate Solutions

Jonathan Lee (pronouns: he/him) has over a decade of experience in nonprofit communications strategy, print and web content creation, public policy advocacy, and promoting equity, diversity and social justice. He believes in making positive change by asking sincere questions, building meaningful relationships, and collaborating equitably toward shared goals.

Jonathan studied Sociology and American Ethnic Studies at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. He spends his free time reading, volunteering, hiking, and listening to jazz music, often with his partner Rose and their three dogs.