Photo of sunrise in Roseburg, Oregon
WE DID IT: 100% clean energy for all Oregonians
HUGE NEWS from Salem!! House Bill 2021, which commits Oregon to 100% clean, carbon-free energy by 2040, was just passed by the state legislature!
Civic engagement
Photo of workers installing a public EV charger in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

Powering up Oregon's EV adoption rates

Ensuring that the future of Oregon’s transportation is electric—not burning fossil fuels—is critical for cleaning up our air and for achieving our state’s climate goals.

ClimateCast banner with photo of gas pipelines in the snow

Sleuthing for truth during power outages

Photos of an ice-coated Texas wind turbine were weaponized as supposed "evidence" that renewables were to blame for widespread power outages.

Stylized photo of Oregon State Capitol building

2021: Action time for climate in the Oregon Legislature

As the historic wildfires that devastated Oregon last September and the most recent ice storms make clear, climate chaos is here and harming Oregon’s communities and well-being now.

chimney smog pollution

Oregon's Environmental Quality Commission chooses industry over communities to develop air pollution regulations

The EQC has decided to stack the cap-and-reduce rulemaking advisory committee with fossil fuel and big business interests.

Biden's climate and clean energy nominees

Here's your clean energy team for 2021

Biden's climate picks bring experience, grit and a focus on environmental justice. Plus: Who the gas industry is targeting now, and climate book recommendations for the holidays!

So that was the election. What now for climate?

The first in a series of articles on the election and what it means for climate action, especially in the Northwest.

I voted

The Election arrives, along with a climate clock countdown

Climate voters vote, with candidates' positions on climate and clean energy playing a significant role in many races.

Climate Voter

Take the Climate Voter Pledge!

One of the strongest ways to address the climate crisis head-on is with your vote.

photo of a stack of hundred dollar bills

For Fair and Honest Elections, vote YES on Measure 107

Oregon’s lack of effective campaign finance limits allows corporations to buy massive influence while casting a dark shadow on state and local politics. Time to lift the veil.

Portland crosswalk and traffic

Better transit, safer streets, cleaner air for Portland: Vote YES on Measure 26-218

Climate Solutions and Oregon Environmental Council proudly endorse Let’s Get Moving 2020. Don’t miss your chance to vote YES on Measure 26-218 at the bottom of your ballot.