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Oregon's Green Wave
As the final results of this November’s midterm election roll in, one thing is clear: climate action was on the ballot in Oregon, and voters made it clear that they want more!
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Time to tell Congress: no climate action, no deal

This really may be our best and last chance to pass the climate investments we need at the federal level. Act now!

no climate action, no deal

Tell Congress: no climate action, no deal on infrastructure

The American Jobs Act could provide the biggest-ever US investment in clean energy and equitable climate progress. But the fossil fuel industry is lobbying hard to make sure that doesn't happen. Let's stand up now for climate action!

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WE DID IT: 100% clean energy for all Oregonians

HUGE NEWS from Salem!! House Bill 2021, which commits Oregon to 100% clean, carbon-free energy by 2040, was just passed by the state legislature!

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We did it! 100% clean and fossil-free Multnomah county buildings

Multnomah County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved a resolution ensuring all new county-owned buildings—including libraries, courthouses, and community centers—are built to be fossil-free and utilize 100% clean and renewable energy.

Ready? Go! A consequential season for climate action

It may sound like hyperbole, but the next six to nine months may be among the most consequential yet in the multi-decade global effort to address climate change.

Oregon Capitol in springtime

Oregonians: It's time to SPRING into climate action!

We're pleased to report forward progress on two of our high-priority climate bills.

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One year ago...

It was a year ago this week that the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic.

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Fire and Ice: How Oregon’s past year makes clear we need 100% clean electricity

Oregon continues to pump out more climate pollution every year, but we can pass 100% Clean right now to lay the foundation for a clean energy-based economy.

Photo of workers installing a public EV charger in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

Powering up Oregon's EV adoption rates

Ensuring that the future of Oregon’s transportation is electric—not burning fossil fuels—is critical for cleaning up our air and for achieving our state’s climate goals.

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Sleuthing for truth during power outages

Photos of an ice-coated Texas wind turbine were weaponized as supposed "evidence" that renewables were to blame for widespread power outages.



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Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

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