Climate shifts - pigs cleared for takeoff
Climate shifts: pigs cleared for takeoff
Today is big. When people work together with tenacity and perseverance, we can accomplish things that once seemed impossible. Now, we must keep up this momentum.
Global warming

Climate strikers believe in—and will fight for—a clean energy future

A movement led by young people gets ready for a week of climate action

The next generation of climate activists is rising in Oregon

Next-generation science curriculum standards are just one reason why Oregon young people are ready for—in fact are demanding—climate leadership. They're stepping up, and won't be stepping back. 

Climate leadership, state to state

With a clean energy win accomplished in Washington, attention now turns to Oregon. Also: other states and cities show what climate leadership does and does not look like.

We served climate hope for breakfast

Fresh from some serious clean energy wins in Washington, we're ready to confront the next big climate challenge: transportation.

Clean air for all communities… Let’s HEAL Washington!

When it comes to environmental pollution, protection should not depend on complexion.

2019 Session dispatches: week 6 with climate as a top priority

For the first time in memory—and maybe ever—climate change is a top priority for the Washington Legislature. There are multiple landmark climate policies moving forward; The momentum is strong, and the stakes are high. Here’s an update on our top climate priorities.

Broad show of support for clean fuels for WA

Testimony focused on increased job and economic growth opportunities, climate and public health benefits.

Americans want progress on clean energy

Multiple polls confirm US enthusiasm for clean electricity. Also, cleaner cars are coming soon to a highway near you. That and more in 2019's first ClimateCast

Partying alone: Big Oil’s dismal “victory” over Initiative 1631

Big oil bought a win in Washington's election. But they're now basically alone in propping up a failing system; that's just one of the fundamental weaknesses that will ultimately bring Oil down.  

The Twilight of Oil’s Big “No:” YES on 1631

Oil’s dominance will last only as long as they can bully us into believing we can’t have clean energy and better choices. That's why they're spending tens of millions to oppose I-1631.



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Oregon is falling behind on climate action

A growing list of states and territories have adopted carbon pricing policies, enacted more robust low-carbon fuel standards, and committed to a timeline for transitioning to 100% clean electricity, but Oregon is not among them.

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