We served climate hope for breakfast
Fresh from some serious clean energy wins in Washington, we're ready to confront the next big climate challenge: transportation.
Global warming

Americans want progress on clean energy

Multiple polls confirm US enthusiasm for clean electricity. Also, cleaner cars are coming soon to a highway near you. That and more in 2019's first ClimateCast

Partying alone: Big Oil’s dismal “victory” over Initiative 1631

Big oil bought a win in Washington's election. But they're now basically alone in propping up a failing system; that's just one of the fundamental weaknesses that will ultimately bring Oil down.  

The Twilight of Oil’s Big “No:” YES on 1631

Oil’s dominance will last only as long as they can bully us into believing we can’t have clean energy and better choices. That's why they're spending tens of millions to oppose I-1631.

This Saturday: Rise for Climate!

This Saturday, September 8, is a day for us to bring our collective power to the forefront.

Climate Cast: The Latest in Clean Energy Solutions

Buses drive into the future with electric fleets

The transportation sector's immense contribution to global warming makes it a very important place to reduce emissions. That and more new climate and clean energy news in the latest ClimateCast.

I-1631: Coming together to protect Washington and a healthy future

The people of Washington have the opportunity to win one of the most ambitious, effective and far reaching policies to tackle climate change.

Workers climbing wind turbines to the middle class

Clean energy investment is good for business; clean energy jobs are good for communities; the economic benefits of carbon pricing and more in the latest ClimateCast.

EPA won’t be able to roll back auto standards. States and communities won’t have it.

Scott Pruitt is hastily trying to scuttle one of EPA’s signature achievements of the last decade: stronger vehicle emissions and fuel economy standards. But he’s swimming against the tide of economics, technology, and overwhelming public support. And the state governments that won these standards aren’t going to give them up.

Washington can't stop, won't stop pushing for climate leadership

Washington's Legislature failed—again—to enact the kind of bold climate solutions we need and are ready for. Here's what happened, and here's why we can't stop and won't stop working to make the Evergreen State a climate leadership state.

Show some love for climate action

Washington State has a chance to deliver on some of the most ambitious climate policy anywhere in the country. Valentine’s Day is a key deadline.

Climate Solutions 10th Annual Dinner & 20th Anniversary Celebration

Our Climate Solutions 10th Annual Dinner & 20th Anniversary Celebration on November 29 is a seated and catered dinner at the Hilton Portland 5:00pm-8:00pm with time allocated for check-in and mingling with the other guests between 5pm-6:00pm. Our keynote speaker is renewable energy visionary Hal Harvey, CEO of Energy Innovation. We anticipate attracting 350 people including business executives, policymakers, and community leaders.  During the Dinner you will be given the opportunity to support our work by making a gift to Climate Solutions.

To register or to learn more about sponsorship, table host or tablew captain opportunities, please visit the event site. Thanks so much for your consideration and support! We look forward to seeing you there.