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We need clean energy to drive our state forward. Literally. Transportation accounts for most of our state's climate pollution but with the right policy we can invest in Washington and reduce emissions.

A clean fuels standard, which would gradually add homegrown, locally produced clean fuels like sustainable biofuels, electricity, and natural gas to our state’s transportation fuel mix is an effective way to grow the economy and reduce pollution from the transportation sector.

Raise your voice in defense of the clean energy economy: please join the coalition.


Governor Inslee is committed to adopting a clean fuels standard for Washington - if enacted, a clean fuels standard would be a significant driver of the clean economy and a meaningful step toward meeting our emissions reduction targets. However, over the past couple weeks, oil companies and other fossil fuel interests have reacted by fearmongering and spreading misinformation.

Some of the coalition's founding members:


Right now, we’re asking you to join us and a growing coalition of businesses and organizations supporting a clean fuels standard for Washington. Your endorsement will demonstrate broad support for good clean energy policy in online and printed materials and media, such as this announcement we are placing in a local newspaper.

We must demonstrate that the Washington business community recognizes that reducing pollution is an imperative for Washington’s economic future, and we can take climate action while creating jobs and attracting investment.

I hope you’ll join us in endorsing a clean fuels standard for Washington.

Washington is blessed with clean electricity, abundant agricultural resources, and cutting-edge innovators. We can produce our own clean fuels here at home from our farms and dairies, waste products, and renewable energy. This will keep money in our local economy and create high-quality jobs.

Take Action: sign on to support a clean fuels standard.

You can find more information and materials about a clean fuels standard on our website and please contact me or Jessica Finn Coven, our Washington State Director, if you have any questions.

Author Bio

Chris Bast

Business Partnerships Manager, Climate Solutions

As the Business Partnerships Manager for Climate Solutions, Chris brings program management, communications, and policy support to the organization’s corporate engagement initiatives. In addition to building relationships with the business community, Chris is also responsible for building and maintaining strategic partnerships with other organizations and associations working to move the clean economy forward. Prior to joining Climate Solutions, he worked in a variety of political and government roles for Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia including managing the Governor’s Renew Virginia initiative to support energy efficiency and promote clean energy and sustainability.

Chris is also a Truman National Security Project Partner and on the Board of Directors for Northwest SEED. The Truman National Security Project unites next-generation veteran, political, and policy leaders to develop and advance strong, smart and principled solutions to the global challenges Americans now face. Northwest SEED empowers community scale clean energy to help communities achieve their sustainability and economic development goals.

Chris received a BA in Political Science from James Madison University in Virginia and a Masters in Public Administration from Seattle University.

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