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One step closer
February 17, 2015

Oregon is now one step closer to cleaner air and cleaner fuel choices.

Today the Oregon Senate voted on and passed Senate Bill 324, the measure that will save Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program! This is a huge step – now the Oregon House must act.

>>>Take action: send a thank-you to your state senator and call on your state representative to support Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program.

The oil industry is continuing its fight against clean fuels in Oregon. Scared about losing their monopoly over our fuel choices, oil lobbyists are hiding behind phony organizations, attempting to confuse people about clean fuels and kill Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program. Speaking after a recent hearing on the legislation, Senator Edwards – a sponsor of Senate Bill 324 said, “Today it was made clear that the opponents of our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Oregon, are making theoretical claims based on incomplete information.”

Don’t let oil companies stand in the way of a healthier, more prosperous Oregon: send a message to your representative today.

Health professionals, businesses, organizations and people from across Oregon have testified in support of the Bill, which will lower the carbon pollution from transportation fuels by 10 percent over 10 years.

"Cleaner fuels are vital to reduce smog and soot pollution; cleaner fuels can directly reduce common health problems caused by toxic air pollution, like asthma, cancer and COPD,” said Carrie Nyseen, VP of Advocacy and Air Quality at the American Lung Association of the Mountain Pacific. “The transition to clean fuels and clean transportation technologies is a win-win – it’s a win for climate and a win for our lung health and public health.”

Oregon is on the cusp of implementing this powerful program. Now it’s up to the Oregon House to act.

Please send a message today.


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Author Bio

Kristen Sheeran

former Oregon Director, Climate Solutions

Kristen Sheeran served as Oregon Director of Climate Solutions. Prior to her work with us, she served as the Vice President of Knowledge Systems at Ecotrust, leading a 15 member team including economists, policy specialists, data analysts, software developers, and GIS analysts. She is also the founder and executive director of the Economics for Equity and Environment Network, a network of more than 300 economists from across the country that are organized and committed to applying their expertise to inform climate and clean energy policy and advocacy.

Kristen has a doctorate in economics, and focused her dissertation on equity and efficiency in mitigating climate change. She was a professor of economics for 7 years at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, and has written and spoken extensively about climate change and clean energy.