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Bipartisan House Votes to Make Oregon Coal Free

The Clean Electricity and Coal Transition bill passed the Oregon House of Representatives with a wide margin, 39 to 20, including bipartisan support!

This is a huge victory on one of the most important climate protection bills moving right now in the country.  By eliminating coal power and doubling renewables, the bill would set Oregon on the path to having one of the cleanest energy supplies in the nation.

Lawmakers yesterday noted Oregon’s important role as a leader in the clean energy transition worldwide. For this reason, the bill enjoys support from a diverse group of Oregonians including businesses, faith groups, public health associations, communities of color, and municipalities – as well as the environmental groups, consumer advocacy groups, and utilities involved with drafting it.  

Climate Solutions and our partners in the Renew Oregon campaign played a key role in developing the legislation, and we have been working hard to secure its passage. But we really want to thank our legislative champions for their tremendous hard work and support for this landmark legislation. Without their leadership, yesterday’s win would not have been possible.

Next up: the Oregon Senate. 

Please contact your State Senator to tell them you want Oregon to stop using dirty, polluting coal power!


Author Bio

Kristen Sheeran

former Oregon Director, Climate Solutions

Kristen Sheeran served as Oregon Director of Climate Solutions. Prior to her work with us, she served as the Vice President of Knowledge Systems at Ecotrust, leading a 15 member team including economists, policy specialists, data analysts, software developers, and GIS analysts. She is also the founder and executive director of the Economics for Equity and Environment Network, a network of more than 300 economists from across the country that are organized and committed to applying their expertise to inform climate and clean energy policy and advocacy.

Kristen has a doctorate in economics, and focused her dissertation on equity and efficiency in mitigating climate change. She was a professor of economics for 7 years at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, and has written and spoken extensively about climate change and clean energy.

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