Oregon businesses: climate progress is in your hands

With Oregon legislators threatening to repeal the state's recently-enacted Clean Fuels program, and with no other signs of climate policy progress this legislative session, it is now more important than ever for businesses to join together in the call for action on climate. Hundreds of businesses across Oregon and Washington are calling for statewide action on climate change, and more businesses are needed to spur our policymakers into action.

Businesses from all aspects of the economy have united in this campaign. From ski resorts to brewers, from apparel manufacturing to coffee companies, sports teams and construction companies, software and hardware firms, banks and insurance companies, veterinary hospitals and auto shops, business large and small -- they all have something in common. They are saying there is a clear and present need for action on climate change to protect our region’s natural assets, its vibrant communities, and its growing economy.

But, if their actions are any indication, our policymakers don't appear to be listening.

We need your company to join the growing list of Oregon businesses who have declared tackling climate change to be one of the greatest economic opportunities of the 21st Century. Sign on to the Oregon Business Climate Declaration today:

“Starting today, right here, the Pacific Northwest can lead the way. We can create a healthy climate and a strong, more resilient economy, by fostering innovation, advancing public health, spurring economic development through job creation and speeding technological advancement throughout our region.”

For partner companies that have already signed the declaration – thank you! Please share with your business network and invite businesses across your supply chain to show their support.

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Learn more and sign up today:

Author Bio

Carrie Hearne

former Oregon Business Partnerships Manager, Climate Solutions

Carrie Hearne served as Climate Solutions' Oregon Business Partnerships Manager. Carrie has lived in Portland for over a decade and originally hails from the mountains of West Virginia. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Earlham College in Indiana and sustainability certificates from the University of Oregon and Willamette University.

Carrie successfully created and ran the first sustainability program at The Standard, a financial services company headquartered in Portland, Oregon. This program attracted new customers, reduced operating expenses, increased employee engagement. She is a current member of the Climate Action Plan Steering Committee for the City of Portland and Multnomah County and has served on the board of directors for the Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI) since 2008. She is also on the advisory board for Women in Sustainability and the Environment (WISE). While at The Standard, Carrie was active on committees with the Oregon Business Association and the Portland Business Alliance, influencing public policy on matters relating to economic development, carbon reduction environmental sustainability and social equity. She has been a frequent guest speaker at regional business conferences such as Go Green Portland.

In her spare time, Carrie enjoys photography, cycling, baking and getting outdoors with her dog Timber.

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