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TAKE ACTION: protect clean fuels in Oregon

Oregon is facing an important choice: it’s time to add your voice.

Right now, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is seeking public comment on the proposed next phase of our state’s Clean Fuels Program. This is the implementation phase – when Oregonians begin to see the benefits of cleaner air and more local job creation through homegrown fuel alternatives.

TAKE ACTION: Send a message in support of Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program.

By reducing the carbon content of our transportation fuels by 10% over 10 years, Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program gives 21st century energy sources a fair shot against the oil industry’s monopoly, creating good jobs while cleaning our air.

The Clean Fuels Program is set to expire at the end of next year, so we'll need the 2015 Oregon Legislature to renew the program. But first, we need the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality to keep the program moving forward.

Please tell the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality you support clean fuels!


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Alex was Field Manager with Climate Solutions, and previously was a youth vote lead for Obama’s campaign for change in 2008 and member of the central recruiting team for Power Shift 2011, the largest youth convergence on Climate Change. 

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