Say no to public funding for coal export
May 20, 2015

Last month Washington State climate activists spoke out to stop an $85 million project that would be funded with your tax dollars and would help Millennium Bulk Logistics’ coal export terminal move forward in Longview.  
Thanks to our help, the project was excluded from the House transportation package.  This month, pressure is mounting on lawmakers to take our victory away.
We need to hold onto our victory; send a message to our elected leaders today!
Millennium’s dirty coal export terminal proposal for Longview, Washington would mean 16-18 coal trains rolling through each day. In 2012, Millennium’s CEO promised that taxpayers wouldn’t be on the hook for the expensive rail improvements required. Our efforts successfully removed $85 million from the House Transportation Package slated for rail improvements that would directly benefit Millennium’s proposed coal terminal. But now that Special Session has begun, there is a push to reverse that decision.
Your voice is needed TODAY! Help ensure that this project stays out of the Transportation Package! The coal company has publically pledged to let tax payers off the hook on this project. 

Don’t let our victory slip away! Send a message to your Washington State elected leaders and tell them that you don’t support funding rail improvements for coal export.

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Author Bio

Jasmine Zimmer-Stucky is Community Organizer with Columbia Riverkeeper.