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100 percent clean bus at Washington State Capitol
2021: Action time for climate in the Washington Legislature

by Vlad Gutman-Britten on January 8, 2021

Naysayers will claim that this is not the time for climate action in Washington, not with COVID, racial injustice, and economic recovery on the agenda. But we don’t need to choose between our major priorities: we can achieve climate progress, recover from COVID impacts, and fight systemic racism all at the same time.

chimney smog pollution
Oregon's Environmental Quality Commission chooses industry over communities to develop air pollution regulations

by Zach Baker on December 23, 2020

The EQC has decided to stack the cap-and-reduce rulemaking advisory committee with fossil fuel and big business interests.

Biden's climate and clean energy nominees
Here's your clean energy team for 2021

by Jonathan Lawson on December 17, 2020

Biden's climate picks bring experience, grit and a focus on environmental justice. Plus: Who the gas industry is targeting now, and climate book recommendations for the holidays!

Sunrise at Pilot Rock, Oregon
Join the club on this 350th day of the year

by Jonathan Lee on December 15, 2020

Climate Solutions’ 350 Club members are an integral part of our organization and your help is needed to propel the transition to our clean energy future.

worker installing heat pump unit on wall with text overlay "clean buildings"
The surprising economics behind going all-electric (hint, the numbers are pretty good)

by Deepa Sivarajan on December 11, 2020

So far our blog series on clean, all-electric buildings has shown how we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and improve our health and safety, but what about the economic impacts?

Photo of open book with blue sky in background
Urge Multnomah County to build 100% clean energy-powered libraries

by Jonathan Lee on December 8, 2020

Multnomah County voters recently approved $387 million in library construction bonds. Let's ensure this new building is 100% clean and fossil free.

Climate Cast banner with photo of sign that reads "COVID testing closed due to smoke"
ClimateCast: A secret antidote to 2020's triple crises?

by Jonathan Lawson on December 4, 2020

In this issue of Climate Cast: Mapping climate, racism, and pandemic impacts, Biden's climate plans, and solar's continued rise.

row of homes with red text overlay "healthy and safe buildings"
Pollution is coming… from inside the house

by Deepa Sivarajan on November 20, 2020

Washington and Oregon can do better to protect residents by creating clean, safe, all-electric buildings. In this second part of our blog series on all-electric buildings, we outline the health and safety risks of using gas, and detail how all-electric buildings can be the climate and health solution we need.

Climate Solutions Annual Report 2020 with orange sunrays and white script overlay
The Path Forward on Climate Change in the Northwest

by Gregg Small on November 16, 2020

Is there room for climate action in the coming year, given all our other challenges? You bet there is. (We're also looking back—read our Climate Action Report 2020!)

ClimateCast - Eiffel Tower 100% Future
Paris! we just can't leave you

by Jonathan Lawson on November 13, 2020

Clean energy advances through local elections We need national and international action to fight climate change, but states and cities have also been a critical piece of the solution.